My Exclusive Steamy Online Chat with Anthony Weiner Fan Sydney Leathers

You're my hero Manhattan Infidel!

You’re my hero Manhattan Infidel!

When the news of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal Part II broke the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel had many questions:  How could Weiner let this happen again?  Will he pull out of the Mayor’s race? How does his wife feel?  And most importantly, this Sydney Leathers girl is hot.  Can I have a steamy online conversation with her as well?

Fortunately for me as a powerful member of the elite mainstream media I was able to contact her.  The following is the transcript of our steamy, sexy online chat.  If you are prudish or have children in the room I advise you not to read any further.

MI Hi Sydney. 

SL: Manhattan Infidel I get so hot just thinking about talking to you.

MI: Please, call me “Barack Danger.”

SL: Okay……Mr. Danger.  I bet you’re a dangerous bad boy.

MI: No.  I like to play it safe.  I’m a homebody for the most part.

SL: Um.  Okay.  So what do you fantasize about?

MI: Mainly a world without hunger or war.

SL: Um.  Okay  But I’m naked.  I just got out of the shower and I’m dripping wet honey.

MI: You’re dripping on the floor?

SL: Yes big boy.

MI: But I just cleaned!

SL: Um.  Okay.  But I’m naked.  Totally naked.

MI:You really should put some clothes on.  You know with the air conditioner on you might catch cold.

SL: Um.  Okay.  I’m so hot –

MI: You might be coming down with the flu.  Please put some clothes on.

SL: Goddammit listen to me. I’m hot for you!  I want you to bend me over –

MI: Well alright.  As long as you didn’t just eat Mexican.  Because that could get messy.

SL: I want to grab your c*ck!

MI: But I don’t own any poultry.

SL:  My p*ssy is so wet!

MI: Really?  My cat hates the water. It’s so hard trying to give her a bath.

SL: Oh, is it hard, sexy?

MI: You bet.  My cat hisses and scratches me.

SL: I want you to bend me over a chair and play with my p*ssy.

MI: Well how am I supposed to do both at the same time?

SL: Would you hold my hair while I gagged on your c*ck?

MI: I told you I don’t own any poultry.  And there are many nerve endings in hair follicles.  It might be painful if I grab your hair.

SL: Um. 

MIWell I have to go.

SL: What?  You came? Already?

MI: What’s that?  You want me to come over?  Are you sure?  But what about your cat?  I don’t like wet cats.  They are surly.

SL: Just bring your c*ck.

MI: For the last time I don’t own any poultry.

SL: That does it.  This isn’t going anywhere. I’m logging off.

MI: I’m deeply flawed.

SL: No shit Sherlock.

And there you have it readers.  My steamy online chat with Sydney Leathers, the woman who took down Anthony Weiner.  I hope you weren’t too shocked by the steamy conversation.  I apologize if you were.




4 Responses

  1. Deeply flawed? How about unreal? I want the old Infidel back!

  2. Bob Agard says:

    M.I. a homebody who owns no poultry? Who knew?

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