Manhattan Infidel’s Wise, Compassionate, Progressive and Liberal Guide to Racial Harmony

Death to the White Hispanic!

Death to the White Hispanic!

In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict and the inflaming or racial tensions, I,  the Manhattan Infidel, have contemplated Olivia Wilde in a french maid outfit, Olivia Wilde and Taylor Swift in french maid outfits, Olivia Wilde and Taylor Swift in french maid outfits kissing each other how best to bring about racial harmony in America.  Because Manhattan Infidel is all about peace.  And trumped up sexual harassment charges.  And ankle monitoring bracelets.

The Manhattan Infidel Plan for Racial Harmony

  1. Harmony starts with redistribution.  As long as some have more than others there will be disharmony.  Accordingly I propose to gather all the guns owned by white surburban homeowners and give them to blacks in the inner cities.  Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin almost 500 people have died in gun violence in Chicago alone, mostly through black-on-black violence.  And I say let’s make a virtue of black-on-black violence.  Once all guns are in the hands of inner city blacks I propose a reality show called “Street Cred” that will follow and tally who has the most black-on-black kills.  The winner will be given a sneaker contract and a chance to rap for Jay-Z.  Note:  Blacks will of course be paid for their time on “Street Cred.”  They will be  paid on commission, getting a check for each hit.  It is hoped that by doing this blacks will be motivated to provide America with a more entertaining show.
  2. Harmony starts with racial identity.  Accordingly I propose that a “Department of Racialization” be created as a cabinet post. I also propose that this cabinet position be 2nd in line of succession after the Vice President.  The newly-created Department of Racialization will have the power to create a racial database of all Americans.  Those found to have Hispanic blood in them, like George Zimmerman, will be tried for 2nd degree murder.
  3. Harmony starts with show trials.  The Department of racialization will also have the power to try not less than ten and not more than 30 whites and/or Hispanics each year for the murder of blacks.   In the event that the minimum number of deaths of blacks at the hands of whites and/or Hispanics is not reached the Department of Racialization shall have the power to randomly choose whites and/or Hispanics, or better still, white Hispanics from its database for show trials.  Note:  An innocent verdict shall not be allowed.
  4. Harmony starts with segregation.  Integration is genocide.  The Department of Racialization shall have the power to enforce new “racial purity” codes.  Those found to have mixed blood beyond the 1/8 or octoroon level will lose American citizenship.
  5. Harmony starts with Federal intervention.  The Department of Racialization shall have the power to enforce all aforementioned laws.

Harmony.  It’s not just a transsexual stripper.

I know what you are saying.  “Manhattan Infidel, your plan is so disgustingly cynical and un-American.”

Your comment is racist.

It’s for the children.



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  1. Where have you been? We already have a Department of Racialization. It’s headed by some black dude. I think his name is Holder or something like that.

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      Holder? Our attorney general? Take it back! Take it back! He’s wise and impartial, as his position implies.

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