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A rare photo of Manhattan Infidel acting lazy, falling out and hanging 'round

A rare photo of Manhattan Infidel acting lazy, falling out and hanging ’round

Well it was bound to happen.  The Manhattan Infidel database is now FUBAR. So I’ll be doing some serious under the hood maintenance to see if I can fix the problem.  My web host tells me the problem is with WordPress while the WordPress forums tell me that the problem is with the web service provider.

Either way I have lost the ability to create new posts.   I had to raid an old draft to post this. I have enough posts to the end of this week that were already scheduled but after that if I can’t fix the problem Manhattan Infidel may go dark for a few days while I figure things out.

Either way I’ll keep you informed.

Oh, and don’t try commenting on any posts. That’s FUBARed as well.

The Manhattan Infidel


All attempts to fix the blog have, like the quantitative easing of the Federal Reserve, failed and only made things worse.  So here’s what I’m going to do.

For the remainder of this week you’ll get posts on this site.  But starting Monday July 8th Manhattan Infidel is moving.  That’s right. Manhattan Infidel will now be at Manhattan Infidel.

Same Manhattan Infidel satire but now with twice the gluten.  That’s right.  So update your bookmarks next week to will not be going anywhere but all posts after July 5th will be on the new site.

Manhattan Infidel.

High on gluten.

High on satire.

High on life.

Shocked repeatedly by Olivia Wilde’s tasers.

Manhattan Infidel.

(Still not affiliated with Burlington Coat Factory.)



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