Palestinians Riot After Romney Says They Aren’t Interested in Peace

 I will kill anyone who says we aren’t interested in peace!

The day after Mitt Romney’s controversial and racist statement that the Palestinians aren’t interested in peace, thousands of outraged Palestians proved him wrong by rioting for peace.

The trouble started when the racist candidate of the racist Republican party told a crowd, and I can’t believe that an intelligent person would even say such a thing, that the Palestinians are “committed to the destruction and elimination of Israel.”

Once Klansman Romney’s despicable comments became know to the peaceful corner of the world known as the Gaza Strip, thousands of aggrieved, violent, Molotov-cocktail wielding, yet peace-loving Palestinians took out their peace-loving anger on western targets.

  • Cars were overturned and set on fire.
  • Cars that were overturned and set on fire in last year’s riots for peace were re-overturned and re-set on fire.
  • Rusting, burned out frames of cars that were overturned and set on fire during riots that took place too long ago for anyone to be sure when they were overturned and set on fire were dragged to central location, symbolically re-re-overturned (there was not enough “car” left to officially overturn) and re-re-set on fire.

Once word of Romney’s racist comments filtered in here at the  headquarters of Manhattan Infidel Fitzgerald’s Pub I immediately was on top of the situation.

I received the following email which explains the fury and anger of the Palestinians who were rioting for peace:

The racist Romney says that we have no interest in peace and that we are committed to the destruction of Israel.  This is untrue. We are committed to the destruction of Israel and peace!.  This is totally different.  It’s lies like this that make me hate the decadent, infidel west and everything about it!

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The rioting, yet peace-loving Palestinian who sent me that email has a point.

We in the decadent, infidel west have too often hid behind straw men such as “free speech” and “toleration.”

There can be no so-called free speech if it insults the prophet.  There can be no so-called toleration of dog religions such as Judaism and Christianity.

As an accredited member of the mainstream media and belonging to the elite of America I call upon our elected representatives to enact strict blasphemy laws restricting the so-called right of free speech.

It is the progressive thing to do. It is the liberal, tolerant and inclusive thing to do.

Free speech?  I’m ashamed that this liberal country lets such barbarism exist!

The Manhattan Infidel



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  1. Those that follow the religion of peace will kill you to prove how peaceful they are. Romney should apologize and bow to them that promote the religion of peace as our great leader, Obama, has show is so successful in attaining peace.

  2. Matt says:

    The Muslims do want peace, Mr. Infidel. It’s just that the peace won’t come until anyone who opposes them are dead. Then, there will be peace.

  3. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: Allah Akbar!

    Matt: You have insulted the prophet! Off with your head!

  4. “Sent from my iphone”


  5. Rioting for peace… what a concept.

  6. And off course liberal shitbags, blamed Romney for the riots. On the plus side they stopped blaming Bush.

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