Peace, Love and Hippies! It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Note:  This post was written before Mayor Michael useless fuck Bloomberg grew a pair and decided to steam clean Zuccotti park and drive out the filthy hippies.

Many of my readers ask me, “Manhattan Infidel, why the eye shadow?”   They also ask me why I haven’t gone down to the park to take pictures and give a first hand report.  Two reasons:

  1. I have a job;
  2. These smelly unwashed hippies turn my stomach.

These two reasons, combined with the fact that I live in Inwood Manhattan Infidel lives far from the smelly unwashed hippies in upper Manhattan and the smelly unwashed hippies are protesting in lower Manhattan  prevented me from going down to the site.
Anyway, onto the originally planned post:


Get off those towers!  We don’t need any more weight on those towers!

Following up on an earlier (well, technically 15 years later post) where I looked at Occupy Wall Street’s 15th anniversary I now take a look at more recent events at the encampment of hope smelly unwashed, envious hippies that has changed the world.

Starting out as a small smelly unwashed hippies protest  movement the occupation of Zuccotti park has turned into an encampment of love get out of my tent and get your hands off my breasts! not seen since a similar movement 42 years ago in upstate New York commonly referred to as “Woodstock.

David Crosby and Graham Nash kicked off Woodstock Lite, bringing their acoustic guitars and singing protest songs.

“No  more war!'” shouted Crosby.  “No more war!  Impeach President Johnson!  All our troops must leave Vietnam!”

When informed that Lyndon Johnson died in 1973 and that the current President of the United States is a black man, an excited Crosby exclaimed, “No way! Cool.  They didn’t tell me this in jail.”   He then pumped his fists in the air.  “President Bill Cosby loves you!”

The crowed shouted back, “President Bill Cosby loves us!”

A 58-year old man in the crowd wept at the sight of Crosby.

“He’s my hero.  I  saw him in Woodstock when I was young and my penis still worked.”

A younger protester talked to reporters about what Crosby’s presence means to him.

He’s like, you know my hero.  I grew up listening to him.  Well, technically my father grew up listening to him.  But his message of peace, love, overeating and rampant drug abuse is what this movement is all about.  Umm, I mean, we are about  jobs!  And redistribution of wealth!  And fighting the capitalists on Wall Street. And sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Organizers at the encampment of hope free pussy! Just go into her tent and get it were buoyed by the kids reaction to Crosby and Nash’s appearance.

“This proves that the ’60s are not over” said one.  “We will build on this.  We’ve already sent out invitations to Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.”

When informed that they were dead the organizer replied, “No doubt they died at the hands of the man!  But as long as they are on my iPod they will always be with us.”

As he spoke several protesters get a job you smelly hippies started to climb the trees surrounding Zuccotti Park to get a better view of  Crosby and Nash.

Get off those trees!  We don’t need any extra weight on those trees!” he warned the protesters like jobs are hard.  They harsh my mellow.

The Executive Committee of Occupy Wall Street has confirmed that an invitation has been sent to the Beatles to perform at the park.

Mayor Michael useless fuck Bloomberg stated that the protesters are welcome to stay as long as they watch their sodium levels and don’t smoke.


9 Responses

  1. innominatus says:

    Hashcash shat on my comment. bummer.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Inn: Hashcash has brain farts occasionally. Keep trying.

  3. Does using Mary-Juana count as smoken to Bloomie?

  4. I really don’t get the appeal of the 60s. I kind of feel sorry for the kids who think that it was cool.

  5. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: Only if you have high cholesterol.

    EOS: Me neither. It was the beginning of the end of adulthood. Now most adults are children.

  6. Matt says:

    That people are reminiscing about smelly hippies is rather strange, alarming, and smelly.

  7. MK says:

    Mayor Michael useless fuck Bloomberg.

    Now there’s a fact. Where’s the police commissioner in all this, he all good with the raping, thieving, assaulting etc too?

  8. Great blog of yours and very informative post you added in your site.

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