Hollywood Tweets Occupy Wall Street

Hey ho!  racist pigs have got to go!  Wait, maybe it was Ho Hey racist pigs have got to go!As the movement that has changed the world hey you kids get off my property enters its second month with no signs of slowing down, Hollywood, long the bastion of the oppressed, has taken notice.  Many in Hollywood have made great sacrifices to show their support for the occupiers:

  • Second and third homes have had thermostats lowered to 75 degrees.
  • Cocaine use has dropped 8.32 percent.
  • Limos contain only domestic sparkling wine.  (Savagery but necessary to show support for OWS.)
  • 15-year old girls have gone unraped by directors.

In addition to these self-imposed hardships many in Hollywood have tweeted their support of the global, world-wide movement that signals the end of capitalism.  Pervert get out of my tent!  I’d call the police but we are handling rapes internally.

Matt Damon shows his sympathy and tweets:

Capitalism is bad.  To show my support for the suffering masses I’m only asking ten million for my next movie.  I’m Matt Damon dammit and I approved this message.

50 Cent tweets:

I got bitches in my limo!  I got bitches in my limo!  Come on bitches have sex with each other while I watch.  Oh,  and down with the man!  Go OWS!

Famed director Michael Moore, after appearing at an OWS Portland event tweeted:

The evil 1% must…..burp.  Um.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  Filthy capitalist pigs  must……burp.  God I’m sorry.  I’m so bloated.  The Wall Street thugs…..is that a cheeseburger?  A double cheeseburger?  I’ll eat it as soon as I pass this gas.  Someone roll me to the table……burp.

Always on the cutting edge Lady Gaga tells supporters:

Capitalism is mean.  It is a bully.  Capitalism makes people cry and should be abolished.  What?  What do you mean my last CD tanked?  How am I supposed to afford a private jet and a new meat suit if it doesn’t go double platinum?  I’m going to have to fire somebody for this.  And no severance!  Go OWS!  I support the little people.

Henry Fonda tweets:

Just because I’m dead doesn’t mean I’ve lost my social conscience.  I support the goals of Occupy Wall Street.  God I can feel myself rotting.  Brain.  Must eat brains!

Russell Simmons says:

Greetings OWS. I am here on my gold-plated toilet.  I like to think that Occupy Wall Street is a lot like my gold-plated toilet:  Beautiful and necessary.  So the next time I defecate after having a few pizzas with mushrooms and pepperoni and sausage, I’m thinking of you.

Alec Baldwin tweets:

To not support the working man in this time of crisis is an abomination.  Where the hell is my champagne?  This isn’t champagne!  This is domestic sparking wine!  I spit on domestic sparkling wine.  What low life worker scum gave me this?  Find out and fire him.  I hate people like that.  So low class.

A group calling itself “Hollywood for Occupy Wall Street” has announced that all their domestic servants have had their days off and raises cancelled until further notice.

“In this time of crisis we must all share the pain” said a message on their web site.


10 Responses

  1. I’m sure they hate being rich and famous, however, that is the only way they can get the media to pay attention to their dribble. Being rich and famous is their way of taking one for their fellow comrades.

  2. Chakam says:

    I would like to print t-shirts that say, “Suck It you oblivious Children of Obama and your smelly-assed Socialism!”

    Sorry, totally random thought. Good article.

  3. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: Oh the pain of being rich and famous. Whenever I hear someone with money whine about how miserable their lives are I want to punch them.

    Chakum: I like it. Print them up!

  4. innominatus says:

    The only thing missing is Mel Gibson leaving a long drunken rant on #OWS’s voicemail.

  5. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Inn: Occupy Wall Street: I am going to burn Ziccoti park to the ground but first you will blow me!

  6. Is it true that Gaga’s last album didn’t sell? If true, my believe in the taste of the masses is resurrected.

  7. Chakam says:

    “Occupy Wall Street: I am going to burn Ziccoti park to the ground but first you will blow me!”

    Hey, that sounds like solid dating advice you could have used in your post about dating, as to “things NOT to say”. hehehehehe…

  8. Chakam says:

    Why do you eat brains?

    The pain!

    The pain?

    The pain of being dead…

    (..it hurts to be dead)

    Yes, from the top of my head, a fanboy of RotLD. One of the best soundtracks, ever.

  9. MK says:

    “15-year old girls have gone unraped by directors.”

    I guess they’re busy raping leftist twits at zucotti park. I hear even the transvestites are getting rapes. That’s equality leftist style, everyone gets screwed equally.

  10. Chakam says:

    Alec Baldwin:

    Um, you’re wearing a tux.

    “Of course I am. It’s after 6 pm. What am I, a farmer?”

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