Democratic National Committee Responds to Accusations of Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street

No antisemitism here.  Move along!Debbie Wasserman Shultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee today responded to charges that the Occupy Wall Street movement is rife with antisemitism.

These persistent charges of antisemitism are so typical of the right wing in America right now.  They will do anything to discredit the message of Occupy Wall Street.  A message that the overwhelming majority of Americans support.  Now, I don’t know exactly what that message is but I can assure you it isn’t antisemitic in any way, shape or form.  These noble young people who have given up the comforts of their parents’ houses to brave the elements are expressing their anger at, um, something.  But they are not antisemitic.  Oh sure the majority want the Zionist state of Israel destroyed but that doesn’t mean they hate Jews.  Just Zionists.  Did I mention I’m clinically insane?

Standing in front of a protester holding a sign that said “Zionist pigs control Wall Street” Wasserman Shultz told reporters that she is “deeply ashamed of the right wing in America” and blamed them for lowering the civil discourse in the country.

What we need, what our country desires most of all, are politicians who will put their country ahead of their party.  What we needs are patriots who will discuss the issues without resorting to cheap attacks on their opponents.  If only the racist, irresponsible teabaggers would listen instead of calling for the assassination of Democrats.

She then shook hands with a member of the executive committee of Occupy Wall street who was holding a sign that said, “Hitler was right!”

I know what the teabaggers are going to say.  That this sign shows that the Occupiers are antisemitic.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  This sign instead points out what they are protesting.  Whatever that is.  And America supports their message.  Whatever that may be.

Wasserman Shultz ended her foray at Zuccotti Park by posing for pictures with a group of protesters holding signs that said “Bring back the gas chamber for Zionists!”

Some of you are looking at this sign.  Again.  Not antisemitism.  But I fully expect those racist teabaggers, who are the real antisemites to use this sign shamelessly in campaign commercials for that fake negro and notorious antisemite Herman Cain.   So to sum up.  Teabaggers evil racist antisemites. Herman Cain.  Fake negro.  Occupy Wall Street.  A message of something all good Americans support.  So let’s together elevate the political discourse and not act like stupid Republicans.  Thank you.

She then unveiled the DNC’s official 2012 Presidential campaign slogan:  “Occupy Wall Street and the Democrats. Together we support something.  Free stuff I think.”



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  1. MK says:

    It would be nice if these stupid f@#$wits could pull their heads out of each others asses and figure what it is they really want. Otherwise they’re just a pack of smelly, irritable vermin stinking up the joint.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    MK: They don’t know what they want. They are a pack of smelly, irritable vermin stinking up the joint.

  3. An aide-de-camp to Ms. Wasserman Shultz said off the record that only half the voter registrations she passed out were used to roll joints.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  4. eots says:

    …Just when you thought that we Jews are smart.

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