A Conversation with Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, new Heroes villianToday I was lucky enough to sit down with former President Jimmy Carter and discuss a number of topics, including racism in America.

I began by asking President Carter if he believed that Joe Wilson’s outburst was racially motivated.

“Definitely” he replied.  “I think it’s based on racism.  There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be President.”

I then asked him if because President Obama had a white mother, white people who oppose him on racial grounds hate themselves.

“What kind of nonsense is that?  Don’t try to confuse me with your big city ways.  Are you a Jew?  You’re a racist Jew who believes in the apartheid of the Palestinian peoples.  Aren’t you?”

I assured him I wasn’t and, slightly taken aback by his comments, shifted the conversation back to racism in America.  I asked him if he had any other examples of racism he would like to discuss.  He indicated that he did and pointed to the television.

“Look at that (Tom and Jerry) cartoon.  It’s racist.  Racist!  That mouse Jerry is trying to hurt Tom because he can’t accept the fact that a strong, independent cat of color wants to live in his neighborhood. Blue is beautiful baby!  That mouse is a Jew.  I know it!   And why are black holes in space called black holes?  Racism by white scientists.  America wants me to shut up.  They don’t want to hear what I have to say because I’m a black man.”

I was dumbfounded by his assertion and sat there silently unable to think of a follow up question.  The awkward silence was broken by President Carter’s nurse.

“Let’s go Mr. President.  Time to take your pills.”   She turned to me and apologized.  “He has his good days and his bad days.  If I don’t give him his pills he tends to forget things.”

His nurse once again gently tried to get President Carter to take his pills.  “Come on Mr. President.”

President Carter took his glass of water and gulped his pills.  “Mr. President?  I’m President?  It’s about time.  Have you ever seen a President naked young lady?”

“Every morning when I catheterize you” she replied.

I watched as they turned the corner as she wheeled him back to his room.  My last vision of President Carter was of him shouting “That mouse Jerry was a cracker.  A cracker Jew!”

I closed my notebook and made a mental note:  “And I thought Kanye West was crazy.”



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  1. innominatus says:

    All snark aside, when I think of the Jimmuh I remember from 25 years ago, he didn’t seem nearly as vile and/or stupid as he is today. I remember telling myself during the Clinton years that if I ever met Clinton I’d spit in his eye, but I’d politely disagree with Jimmuh. Not anymore. He’s off the deep end now, and worth a sticky loogey in the eye, too.

  2. Admiring all the effort you put into your blog. I particular liked this post. Kind regards.

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