Yankees Win! (Again)

Yankees celebrate another meaningless winToday, September 7th Derek Jeter stood 4 hits away from passing the Iron Horse Lou Gehrig for the most hits in Yankee history.  A record that has stood for  70 years.   I brought my camera to the game to take part in history.

Jeter went 0 -3.

He did this to spite me.

However, AROD went 3-3.  In fact it looked like he would be the only Yankee offense for awhile.

Final score:  Yankees 4 Tampa Bay 1.

Today was labor day.  And what better way to spend a holiday than at a Yankee game?  Would Jeter pass Gehrig for most  hits?  Would I choose to be a servant of our President as Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher demand?  Ummm…..No.  I think 1776 settled that question.

But I digress. On to the game.

The Yankees started their ace CC Sabathia while Tampa Bay started the tough Matt Garza.   Garza has one 1 win in his last 11 starts.  A fast fading Tampa  Bay could not help him,  losing their 5th in a row.  Adding insult to injury Tampa Bay slugger Carlos Pena was lost for the rest of the season when he broke two fingers in his left hand swinging on a pitch in the first.  Because he swung, he didn’t even get first base.

The Yankees went ahead 1-0 in the bottom of the first when Mark Teixeira made first on an error by  Tampa shortstop Jason Bartlett.  AROD then hit a double driving Teixeira  home.  1-0 Yankees After 1.

Tampa Bay tied it in the top of the 2nd when Evan Longoria hit a home run.  1 -1 after 2.

And so the pitcher’s duel stayed until the bottom of the 8th.  With Lance Cormier in relief for Tampa Bay Nick Swisher led off with a walk.  Mark Teixeira doubled.  An intentional walk to AROD left the bases loaded with no out.  Robinson Cano hit a sacrifice fly to center field scoring  Nick Swisher.  2 -1 Yankees.  Jorge Posada then singled in Mark Teixeira.  3. – 1 Yankees. Eric Hinske then hit a sacrifice fly to right field scoring  AROD.  4 -1 Yankees.

And that turned out to be the final score as Phil Hughes and Mariano Rivera pitched scoreless 8th and 9th innings.

Notes on the game:

Worst,  most annoying chant in the history of Major League Baseball:  “Hip Hip Jorge”  whenever Jorge Posada comes to the plate.  Not only does Jorge hate it, not only do all fans in Yankee Stadium hate it, but rumor has it that Satan will send anyone chanting this to the lowest rung of Hell.  Can’t say I blame him.

Despite being a matinee game on a holiday the Stadium felt flat today, as flat as Whitney Houston’s voice on her recent comeback concert.  Even the Tampa Bay right fielder, Gabe “Welcome Back” Kapler was spared the wit of the bleacher creatures.

Best heckle:  As I said the crowd was flat.  So  I had to manufacture a heckle.  I tried, but my provocative heckle of “Capital should own labor” just drew puzzled expressions.

Recommended reading material:  The Congressional Globe, 36th Congress 2nd Session.  Pay particular attention to the speech of Virginia Democratic representative Daniel Coleman DeJarnette on February 16th.

Yes, I am a nerd.

Reader mail:

M.W. of California writes, “I killed a man today in cold blood.  Is this wrong?”

Murder is a subjective bourgeois term.  Was he wearing Red Sox colors?  If so the murder was justified.  If not, well, I won’t tell.

A.P. of Poughkeepsie New York writes “I too killed someone in cold blood today.”‘

Your point being?  Just make sure you get the money he owes you first.

D.B. of Mt. Holly writes, “Once again I wake up and am missing body parts.  I now have no arms, legs or torso.”

I blame the Mets.

S.B. of Webster NY writes “I killed a  man ……..oh, topic covered.  Sorry.”

Apology unnecessary.

L.K. of New Jersey writes “The Delaware Water Gap is a great place to dump bodies.  Just in case your readers need the info.”

I’m sure they already know.

Ro of beatiful southern California writes “Smoke!  Smoke!  Cough!  Smoke!”

Spoken like a person who murders men in cold blood.

I found out today that respected sports reporter Kim Jones is married.

Respected sports reporter Kim Jones

I now officially have no reason to go on.  Life is a meaningless chaotic void.

So my record at Yankee games this year stands at 11 -2.  As I write this the Yankees have defeated Tampa Bay 11 – 1 in the 2nd game of the day/night doubleheader.  Boston lost today so the Yankees  now lead the Red Sox by  8 1/2 games.  The magic number to clinch the division stands at 17.  While hardly insurmountable (witness the 2007 Muts, er, Mets), I do feel confident.

My next (regular) season game is Monday, September 28th against the Kansas City Royals.

Go Yankees!



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