WJM Fires Lou Grant After Sexual Harassment Allegations!

This man is a serial sexual harasser.









WJM-TV today fired longtime evening news executive producer Lou Grant after an internal investigation revealed a pattern of sexual abuse.

“We have severed relations with Lou Grant” began the statement released by the station.

After receiving complaints from employees in the news division we determined that there was a pattern of abuse inconsistent with WJM’s core values. We at WJM strive to create an inclusive workplace where people of all races, classes, creeds, sexual orientations, genders and levels of transsexualism can work together in safety and mutual respect. That is why we fired the Republican who works in the mail room. He was a known Christian. Other than that we’re inclusive. Oh, and no Irish. Other than that we are inclusive. Oh, and nobody from Poughkeepsie, New York. But those are our only three prohibited things. Grant wasn’t a Christian, wasn’t Irish and wasn’t from Poughkeepsie. But he was very patriarchal. So we canned his toxic ass. 

Sources on the inside say it was producer Mary Richards who first complained about Grant’s behavior.

She came to us and related a long history of harassing behavior. She told us that Grant would often invite her to his beachfront house but conveniently forget to have a bed for her. She would then be forced to bunk with him. “He’d be in his underwear and would say ‘Just get into the bed.’ Then he’d wrap his legs around me and rub up against me.” We were disgusted by this behavior and asked her to explain it further in explicit detail. In particular we wanted to know what she was wearing. We needed the facts that’s all. She also mentioned that he would try to pass her around to others in the office. She said that Lou even tried to hook her up with Elvis.  “Elvis has a nun fetish. Put on an outfit for him and do it.”

Just do it!








He said that was an order as her supervisor. She complied but only because she wanted to keep her job. Naturally these allegations shocked us. We also asked her if there was other proof besides her word. You know. Photos. Videos we could watch over and over again of her being passed around in the office. We needed those videos to verify if she was telling the truth you see.

Despite WJM’s statement many feel that the only reason Grant was fired was because of contract negotiations and Grant’s desire for a percentage of WJM’s profits, not because of Miss Richard’s allegations.


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WJM has also fired producer Mary Richards.

“She wouldn’t give us the videotapes of her being passed around from man to man” said a WJM executive.

“We really needed to see that. Just to verify her statements. Not for prurient reasons.”


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  1. LSP says:

    “from man to man”?!?

    Is that some kind of BS patriarchal “joke”, Infidel?

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