Mueller Indicts Barron Trump!

This boy is a crook!







Closing in on his ultimate target of President Donald Trump and his collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller today President Trump’s 12-year-old son Barron Trump for money laundering.

“We have evidence that Barron Trump has received and continues to receive five dollars each week from his father” said a source in the Special Prosecutor’s office.

Allegedly the monies official purpose is a weekly milk money allowance that his school requires. But it is actually an elaborate money-laundering scheme set up by his father the President. Donald Trump no doubt continues to receive money from the Kremlin to do Putin’s bidding. Being the devious, shifty person he is President Trump then kicks back part of the money to his son for alleged milk use. It all seems so above board and respectable. But we know the truth that is in President Trump’s heart. He’s a crook. A Russian stooge and we will indict him. The key is his son. Will Trump allow Barron to do jail time to protect his father? Or will he finally show some human decency and confess to crimes against the Constitution?

Barron Trump was formally served with a subpoena to testify against his father as he arrived at his school this morning. Sources report that Trump became confused and asked why he was being served. He was then pulled out of class and sent to the Principal’s office where his milk money was confiscated by waiting IRS agents.

“This is a great day for all Federal employees” said the IRS agent in charge at the scene.

We now have the physical evidence in my hand: Evidence of money laundering and failure to pay taxes. Did Barron Trump report this income? No he did not. Actions have consequences.  Barron Trump shall feel the full weight of the State. We shall crush him. We shall crush him in the name of the State and for the good of the State. Let’s see his father, who is not our President, stand by as his son is charged. Soon we can begin impeaching him and Hillary will become President.

The younger Trump, forever brandished as a filthy Russian agent and money launderer was seen crying as security guards escorted him off school property.

“Rest assured money laundering is not tolerated at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School” said its Principal.

Now St. Andrew’s Catholic School, that’s another matter altogether. They have lots of Irish at that school. And you know how the Irish are. They are always hiding things and moving money around. So I’m sure it’s tolerated there. But not here. Episcopalians in the United States, all 175 of us, hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the filthy Papists.

When asked about the indictment, Mueller would only say that it falls within the scope of his investigation.

Donald Trump is a crook. We all know that. I have full and unlimited power to investigate anything. Anything. Any possible crime he may have committed going back to the day he was born.  In fact we are investigating his birth. Was his birth part of a Russian conspiracy to collude in the 1948 Presidential election?

President Trump continues to deny any allegations of collusion. But what do you expect from a man who colluded with the Russians to throw the 1948 election to Thomas Dewey?



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