Know Your Liberal: A Public Service Message From the Manhattan Infidel

Do not question the authority of your masters!

Do not question the authority of your masters!

In this dark and dangerous time our country is threatened on every side by a group of people so intolerant, so backward, so filled with hatred towards the United States and its values and Constitution. I am of course referring to the White Liberal.

In the the hopes that our country can be saved I am presenting this field guide to those who want to know how to spot their liberal enemies. May it serve you well.  And remember, let’s be safe out there!

He or she may be a family member.  They may be a spouse or loved one.  They may be a co-worker.  But chances are at some point you will be confronted by a liberal. They often appear out of nowhere and in packs.

Do not try to debate or otherwise engage the liberal. This will enrage him as he is not used to be questioned. He might become violent. Back away slowly or ignore him.  If neither works try saying something like “Did you hear how Bill Maher stuck it to the Republicans last night?”

This will buy you time to escape.

What is a liberal?

Your liberal is an upper middle class white male making over 100,000 a year. He loves to espouse his love of diversity and multiculturalism yet lives in a crime-free lily white neighborhood and/or gated community far, far removed from the peoples of color he professes to love so much.

Your liberal fancies himself an expert on the Constitution despite never having read it. He delights in explaining in professorial tones that the government has granted us the rights mentioned in the Constitution. Do not try to argue with him by telling him that the Constitution acknowledged pre-existing rights that cannot be taken away or annihilated. As previously mentioned you risk enraging him. He will call you “stupid.”  

Your liberal hates guns and wishes to restrict gun ownership whenever possible yet probably owns a gun himself. He views his life as more important than yours.

Your liberal prides himself on being too smart for organized religion and proudly proclaims his atheism. Do not believe him. Yes he is contemptuous of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition but the liberal is a man of profound faith. His god is Caesar, the State.

He has faith in the State and its ability to solve all problems and believes, as a God, the State should have unlimited power and not be questioned.

Your liberal is a mix of extreme self-loathing and over-socialized guilt coupled with a profound sense of entitlement. He views himself as your social and intellectual superior and as such has the right to rule over you, restrict your freedom and have you conform to his sense of morality.

Your liberal, like his Catholic enemy, has sacraments. His sacrament of sacraments is abortion. It is holy to him. It is the fountain from which flows the power and holiness of his vocation.

Now that you can recognize your liberal many may be asking how can we stop them?  Is there a cure?

Unfortunately at the moment there is no known cure for liberalism. They are impervious to facts or reason. Until science finds a cure all we can do is pray and fast for the liberal.

So once again, when confronted by a liberal back away slowly. Live to fight another day.



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  1. LSP says:

    Great post — and interesting use of the generic masculine.

    “The liberal prides herself” — surely.

    • Equalizer says:

      He utilized the pronouns “he” and “she” throughout his report on these wretched “human beings”. your argument is void. get a life. or just go scissor your girlfriend to get your pussy out of a wad.

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