From the Manhattan Infidel Future Archives: May 2019, Last Catholic Bishop in America Executed

This man is guilty of treason against the State!

This man is guilty of treason against the State!

In a great moment all true lovers of America and the state have waited for Cardinal Dolan of New York, the last Catholic bishop left in the United States was sent to the electric chair for treason.

The end of Dolan, formerly a Cardinal in the treasonous, superstitious and anti-Democratic Catholic Church began in 2014 when Congress passed the Freedom of  Conscience Act, which stipulated that all citizens of the United States are free to “love the Federal government with all their heart, soul and mind.”

Immediately after passage of the Act several United States bishops of the treasonous Catholic church met with President Obama at the White House to express their misgivings.

“We had a constructive talk with the President” said Cardinal Dolan.

And we informed him of our support of the Constitution.  Catholics are not against the Constitution.  We only ask that we be allowed to worship God as we see fit.  This is not opposed to the State.

However the protestations of this evil cult were not enough to satisfy the brave President.  Soon after being named President for Life by the acclamation of the American people President Obama cracked down on the Church.

It is time for the Church to enter the 21st Century.  Our country faces great challenges ahead.  We have ballooning deficits.  The Republicans in their mindless partisanship refuse to see that the only way to cut our deficit is to spend more.  The Republicans are almost as bad as the Catholics who refuse to follow the Affordable Care Act, which I remind them is the law of the land and they are bound by no higher duty than their duty to obey the State.

When the bishops sent a letter to the President asking once more that their rights of conscience be respected, President Obama acted with the swift, firm manliness the American people have come to expect.

Catholic churches were closed.  Priests were forbidden to wear clerical dress and if caught “saying” the so-called Mass were to be arrested.

Only Cardinal Dolan was spared. As the most visible Catholic in America, President Obama in his wisdom no doubt hoped to win him over to the State.

But when Dolan refused to sign the oath of loyalty to the State President Obama had no choice but have him arrested.

The trial, which became the best rated reality show in the history of television, carried on for weeks as witness after witness was brought forth to show Dolan’s disloyalty to the State.

“I heard him say that he must obey God rather than Obama” said one witness to gasps from the courthouse.

“There is no God but Obama!” declared the gallery.

The judge sentenced the recalcitrant Dolan to death.

As he was strapped into the electric chair the notorious traitor Dolan in one last pathetic attempt to gain sympathy declared himself “Obama’s good servant but God’s first.”

After the execution President for Life Obama took to the airwaves and said that Dolan’s death was necessary to prevent anarchy.

“The State requires of all its citizens loyalty and submission.  This is the 21st century.  The time of superstition and belief in cults is over.”

Cardinal Dolan’s body was dismembered and buried offshore to prevent his remains being used as a rallying point by the remaining Catholic cult members.



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  1. petermc3 says:

    The one man death panel is closer than we think.

  2. Petermc3 says:

    That which is Ceaser’s render onto Ceacer, that which is God’s render onto Obama.

  3. Chuck Murphy says:

    The archbishop of Gotham joined his brothers in forsaking the gospel of Jesus Christ with their proud parading, pious piffling and pretentious posturing. They could not be connected with God despite their silks and laces and regalia. They will not be missed.

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