Sesame Street to Get New Latino Character

 The street gets street cred

The beloved children’s show Sesame Street announced today that they will be adding a new Latino character for its 44th year.

“We have always striven to stay abreast of the demographic changes in America” said a producer.  “So we’re firing the Irish character and bringing in a Latino.”

“We know the Latino community is full of talent” said a senior director for content and planning for Sesame Street.  “At least that’s what I hear.  I’ve never been in a Latino neighborhood.  Hey, this is a $1000 dollar suit I’m wearing.  Do you think I’m going to walk around the barrio wearing this?  I’m not stupid.”

The new Latino character will be “Agosto the Super” and will be a handyman who constantly wears a tool belt and helps the other characters around the neighborhood.

Before settling on making Agosto the apartment super various other occupations were tried out.

We  tried a baseball baseball player but he kept testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.  Then we tried a math teacher but we stopped that experiment when our tests showed that no one in the audience believed that a Latino could be good at math.  We then tried a Latino CEO but capitalism is evil. And only white people are evil so we nixed that idea. So that left us only with a super.

In what may prove to be a controversial move, the character of Agosto will be a heavy smoker.

We realize that smoking is murder but we want the character to be as authentic as possible.  And smoking is part of the rich cultural heritage of Latinos.  Besides it’s not like the character is white and will be important.

And while the character of Agosto will be a frequent guest on Sesame Street he won’t actually live on Sesame Street.

“We’re all for diversity.  As long as everyone is the same.”

The producers have announced that the entire 44th year of Sesame Street will be dedicated to Latino heritage.

“That ought to hold the little bastards!”

As for the 45th year of Sesame Street, producers say it will be dedicated to Asian heritage.

“We already have an Asian character in mind.  He’s going to spend most of his time in a clock tower with a high-powered rifle.”

Plans are already in the works for the 46th season which is tentatively going to be dedicated to transsexual heritage.

“We’re hoping Eddie Murphy will make a guest appearance.”


5 Responses

  1. Maybe Eddie Murphy could ride through the neighborhood, giving the trannie muppet a “ride back home”.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: I’m sure Eddie will agree to this. He’s just a helpful guy like that you know.

  3. innominatus says:

    So it is some kind of mutant crossbreed of that asshole Bob the Builder and Diego from that @#($^&*ing Dora show. Great. Yet another thing my grandkids will want to watch 24/7.

    If I go missing, look up in the clock tower…

  4. ¿Tal vez un repuesto para el Monstro de Las Galletas?

  5. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Inn: I’ll be joining you on the clock tower.

    Jim: No one can replace the cookie monster (except maybe Olivia Wilde)

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