Blogging: Pros and Cons

Blogging is preferred by nine out of ten felons over anal sex

Since I started this blog three and a half years ago I have been approached by friends and family with questions such as why blog?  What are the benefits? Has it changed your life? I have decided to answer all these questions by convening a round table of some of my fellow bloggers who will address your concerns.

The first question is “Why blog” and to answer that question I throw it over to King Shamus.

MI:  King Shamus. It’s good to have you here.  Perhaps you can answer that question. Why blog?

KS:  Well, I started my blog right after I was released from jail.  I couldn’t leave the state and my parole officer said I needed a hobby.

MI:  Money laundering?

KS:  A legal hobby.

MI:  Well that’s different, obviously.  I have to ask this question.  Why the disguise?

King Shamus relaxes

KS:  What disguise?  I always dress like this.  It relaxes me.  How do you relax?

MI:  I attend James Bond conventions wearing a t shirt that says, “Roger Moore was the best James Bond ever!”

KS:  How’s that work out for you?

MI:  I usually get the shit beat out of me.  You know for something that supposed to relax me it really isn’t very relaxing.

KS:  Have you seen Joe DiMaggio?  He’s supposed to keep Arthur Miller away from me.

MI:  I think you’re taking the dressing up to relax thing a bit to seriously.

KS:  Bobby Kennedy gave me all these pills.  He said to take them all at once.

MI:  Moving along, our next question is, “Has blogging changed your life.”  To answer this question is the renowned blogger Innominatus.

Inn:  Thank you for having me.

MI:  Innominatus.  Has blogging changed your life?

Blogging has changed Innominatus’ life forever

Inn: Seven-six-two millimeter. Full metal jacket.

MI:   Are those… live rounds?  Innominatus, if Mayor Bloomberg comes in here and catches us we’ll both be in a world of shit.

Inn:   I am… in a world… of shit.

MI:  Wow.  What a major malfunction on that  numbnut.  I guess it must be from living in Oregon.  Moving along to our next question.  Is there financial remuneration in blogging?  For the answer I throw it over to Matt from Conservative Hideout 2.0.  Matt, tell us, is there money in blogging? Matt?

Matt from Conservative Hideout ponders his massacred blog

CH 2.0:  Manhattan Infidel,  I want you to use all your powers, and all your skills.  I don’t want his mother to see him this way.   Look how they massacred my blog!

MI:  I’ll take that as a no.  There is no money in blogging.

CH 2.0 I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not bloggers. Listen, whoever comes to your blogging roundtable, he’s the traitor. Don’t forget that.

MI:  Right…….I’ll remember that.  Our next question is, “Can blogging further your career?”  To answer that it is my pleasure to introduce Jim from Conservatives on Fire. Jim, any thoughts on this?

Jim from Conservatives on Fire in a relaxed moment

COF:  Drink but never get drunk.  Steal but only from the rich.  Love but without passion.

MI:  What?  What the hell has that have to do with anything?

COF:  I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I was thinking of attacking Columbus, New Mexico, stealing horses and burning the town to the ground.

MI:  Right.  Okay I’m not getting any answers from you.  I guess I’ll finish this roundtable with the man known as the Right Wing Theocrat.

Ladies and gentleman I give you the Right Wing Theocrat

RWT:   What for you bury me in the cold, cold ground?

MI:  What?

RWT:  Rabbits!

MI:  Okay.  You know what.  That’s it.  The hell with it.  If anyone needs me I’ll be at Fitzgerald’s Pub having a pint. Or ten. God I never knew bloggers could be so crazy.

And so readers if you are thinking of starting a blog my advice is……DON’T!   It seems to lead to personality disorders.


6 Responses

  1. Hey! New mexico today and tomorrow the world. You gotta start somewhere.

    BTW, where do you get your Hydrogenated oil? Is it any good for arthritus?

  2. innominatus says:

    My major malfunction is that I haven’t had a jelly donut in a long time. When I’m on my meds jelly donuts, I’m much less of a misanthrope.

  3. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: You can take New Mexico. But leave Colorado alone! And the hydrogenated oil works wonders for arthritis.

    Inn: mmm……..jelly donuts.

  4. Bobby Kennedy’s pills sure were delicious.

    But I’m feelinggggggg…..kiiiinnnddaaaa…….sleeeeeppppyyyyyyyy……..

    Tell Tedddddyyyyy……to avooiiiddddd……….Chappppppaaaquidicckkkkkkk……..

  5. Ahoy there infidel, how have you been, well I hope?

    Things are starting to quieten down a bit around these parts, well I hope at least. I’ve been feeling a bit like that tassie devil you got up there. hope to start blogging again in a few weeks.

  6. Matt says:

    It’s not personal. It’s business.

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