Manhattan Infidel Presents: The Dogmatic Constitution of the Democratic Party

Democrat Harry Reid prays for Barack ObamaMany of my readers have asked me for more information on our political parties. And with the Presidential election a year away I am more than happy to give that information. After all, I want my readers to make an informed choice based on principle and not, like I do, vote for the candidate with the hottest daughter.

And so, in the spirit of our Republic, I now present the Dogmatic Constitution of the Democratic Party:


What was from the beginning, what we have heard what we have seen with our eyes, what we looked upon and touched with our hands concerns the Word of Barack Obama.  For Barack was made visible.  We have seen him and testify to him and proclaim to you the eternal Obama.

The Mystery of Obama

Barack Obama is the light of humanity; and it is the heartfelt desire of the Sacred Democratic Party, being gathered together in congress, that by proclaiming President Obama’s word to all Americans the light of redistribution of wealth and socialism will come to all citizens.

All men and women are called to redistribute their wealth.  For it is only in the light of Barack Obama and his word that mankind will be raised up to socialism.  The Democratic party is the sole and necessary gateway to this.  All those who know and yet refuse to vote Democratic will remain outside the visible confines of the socialist workers’ paradise.  For they are all racists.

The People of Obama

At all times (but more specifically 2008 and 2012) anyone who fears Obama and votes for him has been acceptable to the Democratic party.

The whole body of registered Democrats cannot err in matters of belief or doctrine.

By this appreciation of Democratic principles, aroused and sustained by the spirit of Obama, the people of the Democratic party, guided by the sacred teaching authority of elected Democrats, and obeying them, receives not the  mere word of men but truly the word of Obama.

Basing itself on tradition and principle the Democratic party teaches that it is necessary for salvation, or at the very least if you vote for us we won’t call you stupid.

All Democrats should remember that their exalted condition results, not from their own merits, but from the grace of Obama.

The Democratic Party is Hierarchical

The Democratic Party teaches that elected Democratic congressmen and senators  have taken the place of the founding fathers in such wise that whosoever listens to them is listening to Washington, Jefferson and Madison and whoever despises them despises Washington, Jefferson and Madison.

Despite being successors to the founding fathers, elected Democrats have for all that no authority unless united with its head, Barack Obama.

Democrats who campaign in communion with Obama are to be revered by unelected or mere voting Democrats as witnesses of Barack Obama’s truth.

Barack Obama enjoys infallibility in virtue of his office.  His decisions are rightly said to be irreformable by their very nature and not by reason of the assent of the people.

The Unelected Democrats (the Laity)

It belongs to the unelected Democrats (laity) to seek the triumph of the Democratic party by engaging in temporal affairs and lying about their opponents and, if possible, hiring union goons to trash their places of business.

In every temporal affair the unelected Democrats (laity) are to be guided by the Democratic party, since not even in temporal business may any human activity be withdrawn from the principles of the Democratic party.

The unelected Democrats (laity) should promptly accept in obedience what is decided by elected Democrats, who in virture of their office, represent Barack Obama.

The Call to Socialism

The Democratic Party is held, as a matter of principle, to be unfailingly socialist.

Those who are weighed down by poverty, infirmity, sickness and other hardships should realize that Barack Obama will tirelessly fight to redistribute others income to you.

Therefore all the unelected Democrats (laity) are invited and obliged to vote Democratic and believe in socialism – the socialism that will perfect their own state of life.


In her life on Earth the Democratic party has been a model of that motherly love with which all who register Democrat should be animated.

Vote early!  Vote often!



3 Responses

  1. MK says:

    Don’t forget to add something about avoiding responsibility.

    Yes obongo is their lord and savior, the all powerful and all that, but don’t blame him if something goes wrong.

  2. Does this mean we will all have to bear the mark the Beast, 000.000

  3. silverfiddle says:

    It belongs to the unelected Democrats (laity) to seek the triumph of the Democratic party by engaging in temporal affairs and lying about their opponents and, if possible, hiring union goons to trash their places of business.

    You are an artist in the medium of parody, and liberalism will keep you employed for a lifetime.

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