World's Most Beautiful Woman Vacations in Spain

We make with the sexy time?Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States and by common consent of most cultured people, the most beautiful woman in the world, has wrapped up a successful vacation in Spain with 40 of her closest friends.

“I love Spain” said Mrs. Obama.  “The people were very nice to me.  I was surprised because the State Department had warned me about how the Spanish hate black people.  But all the Spanish people who were allowed past security I blessed and they seemed happy.”

The trip to Andalusia has helped to restore America’s tattered image in that part of the world.

Still, the trip was not without partisan-inspired criticism.  Republicans complained that in a time of recession it was unseemly for the First Lady to take an expensive vacation.

“The First Lady was personally hurt by the criticism” said a spokesman.  “Mrs. Obama’s motives for this vacation were the best.  She was trying to help a close friend through the grieving process.”

The spokesman is referring to a friend of Mrs. Obama’s who recently lost her father.  The planned trip was for her.  The spokesman then detailed the five steps of grieving:

  1. Denial.  “I feel fine.  Let’s go to Spain” 
  2. Anger.  “Why me?  This isn’t fair.  How about a trip to Spain?
  3. Socialized medicine.  “Buying health insurance to avoid a fine is a proven way to help with the grieving process.”
  4. Vacationing in Spain.  “During the fourth stage the individual may spend most of their time crying. It has been proven that those who fly to Spain aboard Air Force One will feel better about themselves.”
  5. Shutting down public beaches. The individual comes to terms with grief and moves on, helped by security with yellow tape who keep others away.  Sometimes a person has to be alone.”

“You see.  Everything about her trip was above board and frankly the Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for criticizing the First Lady.”

The White House has announced that Michelle Obama intends to make trips to Spain a yearly occurrence, dependent of course on someone dying first.



8 Responses

  1. innominatus says:

    Michelle wanted to run with the bulls but the bulls kept getting scared and running away from her.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    LJ: Thanks. Nice site.

    Inn: Well, obviously the bulls were afraid that Michelle would admonish them about their diet.

  3. KingShamus says:

    I for one am glad to see our First Klingon Warrioress getting some vacation time.

    God knows the hell Michelle occupy being served night and day by the low-class wretched White House help.

  4. Karen Howes says:

    Well, sheesh, when you put it THAT way, why shouldn’t Michelle and everyone she knows have a first-rate Spanish vacation. That’s what I did when MY friend’s father died.

  5. Patti says:

    Come follow ME!! Your brain doesn’t have to explode!!

  6. Matthew says:

    I like that the simple math problem required to comment keeps spam/democrats away.

  7. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Matthew: Hmm. I never quite thought of it like that. But you do have a point!

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