Manhattan Infidel Presents: Social Studies!

Without social studies we have to spend more time in gym class.

Without social studies we have to spend more time in gym class.

Completing my series of posts designed to edify my readers by giving them knowledge that they can use in the fundamentally transformed America I now present:  Social studies!

Because without social studies one has to spend more time in gym class.  And I wasn’t good in gym.  In fact I used to be chosen after the girls for team sports. Not that it damaged me psychologically.  It didn’t.  Stop talking about me!  No I didn’t wet my pants!  Leave me alone!

All of these countries have been bombed by the U.S.

All of these countries have been bombed by the U.S.

  • According to the map above, which of the following is true:
  1. These countries all have a higher standard of living than Detroit.
  2. Lots of practitioners of the Religion of Peace™ live in these countries.
  3. The war-like and so-called “Christian” United States will bomb these countries because they hate peoples of color.  Christianity is not the Religion of Peace™ and hatred comes naturally to them.
  4. George Bush invaded Afghanistan on no pretense after 9/11.  Thank god Barack Obama bravely got us out.  Because he’s a man of peace.  Just like the Religion of Peace™.
  5. All of the above.
  • The U.S. Constitution’s establishment of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government most clearly reflects which principle?
  1. White people are racist.
  2. White people established a limited government to keep the black man down.
  3. If the white man weren’t so racist he would have given all power to one man.
  4. I mean really, look at the problems Barack Obama is having trying to transform America with all the opposition from the so-called “legislative” branch?
  5. America needs more Hispanics. Hispanic people love socialism and hate limited government.
  • In 1945 Soviet writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was arrested and sent to a Soviet prison for criticizing Joseph Stalin. American citizens can protect themselves from such arrests by:
  1. The first amendment right to free (yet limited speech).
  2. By not criticizing Barack Obama as he struggles to transform America.
  3. Seriously.  Do not criticize him.  Dissent is not patriotic.  Dissent is racist.
  4. Your opposition to Barack Obama betrays your fear of power falling into the hands of a brown man.
  5. By criticizing Barack Obama you have put yourself beyond the pale of polite, progressive society.  You should be shunned as the moral leper that you are.
  • The first eight amendments (we won’t mention amendments 9 and 10 since they are racist) to the flawed Constitution were intended to protect the rights of individuals from potential abuses by:
  1. The Federal Government.
  2. You have nothing to fear from the Federal Government.  Just pay your fair share of taxes and obey the EPA agents who are about to kick down your front door.  All will be fine.
  3. Rights of individuals?  That sounds racist.  It takes a village after all.
  4. And who are these so-called individuals?
  5. White men.  That’s who!  Men who are bitter and cling to guns and religion.  Round them all up they disgust me.
  • One result of the spread of Islam was:
  1. A new birth of freedom.
  2. Women were freed from the burden of making a living and could stay at home.  Because that’s where they belong.
  3. Women were freed from the burden of thrusting their hips during sex because, Allah be praised, they were genitally mutilated.
  4. Women were freed from the burden of driving a car because they don’t need to be out without the company of a man.
  5. Women were freed from the burden of voting, thereby giving them more time to contemplate the fact that if they hadn’t looked at that stranger they might not have had their nose cut off.
  • Which statement best summarizes a key argument of the Federalist Papers?
  1. Limited government is in the best interest of the white man.
  2. State governments should eventually be folded into the Federal government.
  3. Once the socialist workers paradise is created the class struggle will be no more; hence state governments will disappear and we will all be answerable directly to a benevolent government in Washington.
  4. The better angels in the nature of man will never come to fruition unless the Federal government controls all behavior.
  5. Even though the light bulb will not be invented for 100 years, we should outlaw it since the incandescent bulb leads to global warming.

Send your answers to  Those whose answers are displeasing to our rulers in Washington will be genitally mutilated.


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  1. petermc3 says:

    A treatise on social stuff and no mention of man’s most noble experience, social diseases? You must be racist!

  2. What can I tell you. I flunked socialist studies three times.

  3. petermc3 says:

    How about the NFL Washington Syphilis? Oops, that was the Europeans baby. Back to the racist drawing board.

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