Our country how great she used to be

No post today in wake of Obama’s reelection.

Just one tattered American flag.

There will be no post tomorrow either.  I’m tired.

America.  This is how nations die.

~ Manhattan Infidel



5 Responses

  1. God bless you, my friend. Take time to heal. The resistance must continue. We have no other choice.

  2. I share your pain MI, nothing really left to say, this is really how it ends. Sorry to be a downer, but i don’t see how your country can turn around from this.

  3. I’m disappointed that America voted the way it did.

    Having said that, the USA is still a great nation.

    The Left didn’t get us to this place overnight. We won’t reverse the progressive destruction in a day. We can still turn this country around.

    It’s just that the America Comeback Project just got quite a bit harder after Tuesday’s results.

  4. Matt says:

    Take a rest, friend. It’s not over, the game has changed.

  5. Thomas Pain in Your Ass says:

    You’re retarded. Start making me laugh again.

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