Marijuana Arrested for Possession of Snoop Dogg!

This marijuana cigarette is addicted to Snoop Dogg!A marijuana cigarette (aliases include “Mary Jane” “pot” and “reefer“) was arrested at a border checkpoint in West Texas today for possession of the rapper Snoop Dogg. This man is an innocent victim of another’s addiction!

According to the local sheriff’s office it was after a border agent pulled the marijuana cigarette’s tour bus over that a sniffer dog detected the presence of Snoop Dog (real name Calvin Broadus) in the back of the bus.

Since this was not the first time that marijuana was caught in possession of Snoop Dogg the cigarette was immediately placed under arrest.

Through his lawyer the marijuana cigarette said that he has a prescription for medicinal Snoop Dogg in his home state of California because he suffers from migraines, blurred vision and the munchies.

“Be that as it may” said the sheriff “in Texas we have a zero tolerance policy towards Snoop Dogg.”

The arrest of the cigarette shocked and angered many of his friends.  Though it is well-known that in the past marijuana often bragged of his use of Snoop Dogg the cigarette was left alone as part of an unspoken détente between law enforcement and marijuana.  Many appear worried that this détente is now at an end.

With the arrest the debate over the possible decriminalization of Snoop Dogg will most likely come to the forefront again.

Speaking from his home Willie Nelson told reporters that “I’ve been using Snoop Dogg for years without any side effects.  And Snoop Dogg does not lead to anything stronger.  Well, maybe Mos Def but that’s about it.”

The spokesman for the Normalization of Snoop Dogg (NormSD) released a statement that said:

People are going to use Snoop Dogg.  You know that.  I know that.  So why not just let them?  Yes, in a perfect world Snoop Dogg use would be rare if not used at all but this isn’t a perfect world.  There are worse things people can use like alcohol or Vanilla Ice.  Some people just need Snoop to relax.  So I say be loud, be proud and use Snoop Dogg!

So far none of the candidates for President has spoken out publicly on the Snoop Dogg controversy but is it rumored that if Ron Paul is elected he will legalize him.

As for Mr. Dogg himself, he is quoted as saying, “I’m not that bad. It’s just that people have a need for me.”

The marijuana cigarette was released on bail and will have to appear in court in March.


5 Responses

  1. Mos Def is definitely not stronger than Snoop. He’s basically just short, whiney and annoying.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: Agreed. But there is a class of people (usually idiots) who find Mos Def “authentic.” I too find him authentic. Authentically short, whiny and annoying.

    Besides, it is Willie Nelson who said this. Er, um…staying in character.

  3. innominatus says:

    Willie Nelson played a hole right through the body of his guitar. Makes me wonder if he laced his Snoop with crank.

  4. Matt says:

    Can’t deny that Snoop is, by far, the most popular mind altering substance! I’d legalize it. We need to end the “war on Snoop.”

  5. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Prohibition never works: Legalize Snoop Dog!!

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