Yankees Rained Out

“Baseball?  It’s just a game – as simple as a ball and a bat.  Yet as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes.  It’s a sport, business and sometimes even religion.” ~ Ernie Harwell, “The Game for All America” 1955

The tarp on the infield.  A sad site.

Well tonight the Yankees were supposed to play my pick to win the AL East – the Baltimore Orioles.  Unfortunately I arrived at Yankee Stadium just in time for the torrential downpours.  Shortly after 7 PM (the purported game time) the game was officially called off.

Fun things to do during a rain delay:

  1. Walk up to a stranger and say, “When the Grey Hair is dead, Magua will eat his heart.  Before he dies Magua will put his children under the knife so the Grey Hair will know his seed is wiped out forever.”
  2. Ask a Yankee Stadium security guard, “How does it feel being an obese fascist?” Note:  This is not a recommended action for those without medical insurance.
  3. Walk up to a preteen girl and say “How come you’re not dressed like a prostitute?  You are not hip lady!”
  4. Tell a stranger that “My father’s people say that at the birth of the Sun and of his brother the Moon their mother died. So the Sun gave to the Earth her body from which was to spring all life.  And he drew forth from her breast the stars and the stars he threw into the night sky to remind him of her soul.  Now suck it bitch.”

Well anyway this rain out put me in a quandary.  The post for Wednesday April 13th was supposed to be about Tuesday night’s game.  What to do?  Now I have nothing to write about.  But I am prepared for such an emergency.

The date was February 27, 2009.  My blog was about a week old and had a readership of about ten people (mostly drunks I pestered in bars on Third Avenue to read my blog.)  Anyway, I as of yet had no real idea what my blog would be about.  This post was the first post that I consider worthy of mention and a sign of things to come.

So I now present the first official Manhattan Infidel Re-Post.  Enjoy.

Derek Jeter ascends into Heaven:



5 Responses

  1. “2.Ask a Yankee Stadium security guard, “How does it feel being an obese fascist?” Note: This is not a recommended action for those without medical insurance.”

    Strangely enough, Yankee Stadium security guards are an integral part of the death panels’ enforcement arm under ObamaCare.

  2. The Jungers says:

    So I attempted all of the above once, I now walk with a limp.

  3. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: That explains why the security guards are all Democrats.

    TJ: Only a fool takes my advice 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    Out here, it seems that the pastime is to get a group of 10 together, and block my path to the nacho stand…bastards!

  5. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Matt: No nachos no peace!!

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