Makers of BootyPop Introduce BootyPop for Men

Booty Pop sexes up curves.  Now available for men!The makers of BootyPop underwear, the miracle underwear that sexes up curves, as seen on TV,  has introduced BootyPop for Men.

“It’s an important market” said a BootyPop executive.  “We didn’t want to neglect it.  I’m wearing BootyPop now and my ass has never looked better.”

After extensive test marketing, the BootyPop for men, known as “Hey, My Ass Looks Great”,  will be available to the general public starting next week.

The test marketing has been extremely successful.  Some of the comments include:

George D. a 38 year-old business executive, “I put on the BootyPop for men and walked past a construction site.  The workers started whistling and saying, ‘Hey, that business executive has a great ass.  Look how far it’s riding up!’ ”

David H. an unemployed 22 year-old full time student said, “My girlfriend isn’t speaking to me because my ass now looks so much better than hers.  That and I’m sleeping with her sister.”

Barack O. a 50 year-old politician says, “Look at my ass.  I’m redistributing the curves!”

Buoyed by their success, BootyPop is now marketing BootyPop Maximus for men.  According to BootyPop’s official statement:

The BootyPop Maximus is for those who want to take their curves to the extreme.  With BootyPop Maximus your ass will ride up to your elbows.  Europe is already doing it!

According to reports, the only thing preventing BootyPop Maximus from being released to the general public are concerns over possible medical complications.

Those using the BootyPop Maximus have reported a few side effects, including the inability to sit down and a tendency for their ass to become permanently distended. If your ass becomes permanently distended we urge you to seek immediate medical assistance or vote Democrat.

BootyPop for Men and BootyPop Maximus for men retail starting at $39.95, shipping and handling fees extra.  All major credit cards are accepted.

BootyPop it!


3 Responses

  1. innominatus says:

    I’m having flashbacks of George Michael on SNL telling Dennis Miller “Look at my butt, Dennis! Worship it!”

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Inn: one of the advantages (or disadvantages) or working nights like I do is that you get to see a lot of awful infomercials. The bootypop was just one of them.

    And yes, I remember that bit on SNL. Look at my butt. Scientists use it to calibrate the moon

  3. Matt says:

    There something disturbing about this. Imagine a misaligned bootypop!

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