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The Alec Baldwin Malfeasance Template™

One of the reasons I started this blog was to highlight the sense of entitlement of our so-called elite. The other reason I started this blog?  Why the millions and the Hollywood starlets that would flock to me as a successful blogger.  Fortunately my bitter disappointment over the second reason is alleviated by the copious […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Updated (Updated) {Updated} Kennedy Malfeasance Template™

It has been a few months since I’ve updated the world famous Kennedy Malfeasance Template™.  Fortunately for me an opportunity to commit malfeasance is catnip to a member of the Kennedy Clan.  So without further adieu I now present the Updated (Updated) {Updated} Kennedy Malfeasance Template™. Environmental activist and former heroin addict Robert Kennedy Jr. […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Yet Another Professional Athlete Malfeasance Template

This is really getting too easy folks.  A past and/or present professional athlete being arrested?  That’s so humdrum.  It’s like Manhattan Infidel waking up naked with the words “I do your bidding Satan” smeared in blood on the wall.  Can’t I write about something else?  And was that animal blood or human blood?  Anyway for […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Professional Baseball Player Malfeasance (Not to be Confused with the Professional Football or Basketball Malfeasance) I Mean Hell I Might as well Combine Them All Into One Handy Malfeasance Template By the Way I’m not Wearing Pants as I Type This Template

It has been a banner week here at Manhattan Infidel.  On Monday I was named “Favorite Blogger” by the American Society of Shut-ins.  On Tuesday I was not arrested by the NYPD (they must be slipping) and on Wednesday I took full advantage of not being arrested by pretending I was a dog and sniffing […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Professional NFL Player Malfeasance Template (Not to be Confused with the Professional NBA Player Malfeasance Template)

We here at the worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel pride ourselves on one thing:  Our ability to make farting noises with our armpits  dedication to the truth.  And in that spirit of dedication to the truth, from the moment news first broke of the arrest of New York Jets linebacker Bryan Thomas we were all […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Professional NBA Player Malfeasance Template

It has happened again.  A professional athlete has been questioned by the police in relation to a possible felony.  In the interest of justice, in the interest of human dignity, in the interest of fair play, in the interest of the dissemination of public knowledge and always keeping in mind that everyone is innocent until […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Lindsay Lohan Malfeasance Template™

If it’s Friday at Manhattan Infidel that can only mean one thing:  seeing a doctor about that burning sensation. But while Manhattan Infidel gets poked and prodded by a (hopefully) hot, young female doctor here for your reading pleasure is the Lindsay Lohan Malfeasance Template™ Linday Lohan was arrested for: A disturbance in a night […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your (Updated) Updated Kennedy Malfeasance Template™

And the hits keep coming for America’s Royal Family.  I had previously written about the Kennedy Malfeasance Template™ here: Kennedy Arrested and here: Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Updated Kennedy Malfeasance Template But it seems that America’s Royal Family cannot contain themselves. So for my readers I once again present Your (Updated) Updated Kennedy Malfeasance Template™. […]

Manhattan Infidel Presents Your Updated Kennedy Malfeasance Template!

The world was shocked yawned, not surprised, couldn’t give a shit when Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy was arrested on Saturday for driving under the influence of drugs in Westchester County, New York. I first wrote about the Kennedy Malfeasance Template (which I am in the process of copyrighting) in a February post: Kennedy […]

Kennedy Arrested!

It’s going to be a busy morning here at the headquarters of Manhattan Infidel time to finally dispose of that dead prostitute that’s been in my bed all weekend  so I won’t have time to report in-depth on the news that Douglas Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, has been arrested.  Instead I will use a […]