Four Killed at Mass Shooting at Waffle House; Manhattan Infidel Looks at the Facts and Only the Facts Because to Speculate Would be Irresponsible Then Again I am a Member of the MSM so Screw It I’m Speculating!

The NRA is a terrorist organization







Four have been killed after a deadly mass shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here are the facts as I have painstakingly gathered is some totally made up shit that I will use to control the narrative.

  1. Early Sunday morning Donald Trump, on orders from the National Rifle Association, entered a Waffle House and opened fire.
  2. After killing four people eyewitnesses say Trump then sodomized their dead bodies.
  3. After sodomizing the dead bodies he sat down and had waffles. Naturally he put lots of maple syrup and bacon on his waffles because as a white man of northern European origin he gets sexually aroused at the thought of cooking animals.
  4. After eating the waffles with lots of bacon on top he didn’t tip the waitress because as a Republican he doesn’t care about the working class.
  5. After not tipping the waitress Trump got into a gas-guzzling SUV, ignoring the perfectly good Prius in the parking lot. This is because as a Republican he doesn’t care about the environment and in fact loves global warming because he gets sexually aroused at photos of polar bears drowning.
  6. Donald Trump did not wear his seat belt while driving his gas-guzzling SUV after eating a waffle topped with bacon after not tipping his waitress after sodomizing the dead bodies of the people he had just shot.
  7. Trump drove his gas-guzzling SUV to the local headquarters of the NRA where he was giving a commendation for committing cold-blooded murder.
  8. Trump then thanked the NRA and said he gets sexually aroused at the thought of killing people.
  9. Trump was giving a standing ovation by the NRA because it is a well-known fact that NRA members also get sexually aroused at the thought of killing people.
  10. Vladimir Putin was at the NRA headquarters to meet with Trump to plan how to collude during the 2020 Presidential election.
  11. Putin then sodomized a Shih Tzu while Trump took pictures.
  12. They then shot the Shih Tzu to satisfy their insatiable blood lust.
  13. I mean come on people!  A Shih Tzu!
  14. Trump then traveled back in time and shot JFK. Again. Because he gets sexually aroused at the thought of killing Democrats.
  15. Trump then traveled back to the present just before the moment Putin started sodomizing the Shih Tzu and suggested that he sodomize the Shih Tzu. Putin was horrified at the idea until Trump said he’d take photos and post it on Instagram.
  16. Trump and Putin then went to California and shot laser beams from their eyes, killing all who live along the coast. Probably because as has been proved he gets sexually aroused at the thought of killing Democrats.
  17. Trump and Putin then parted ways but promised to stay in touch and collude.
  18. Finally after a busy day killing and sodomizing Trump went back to the White House and asked his wife (who is a woman of gender with a vagina) for binary sex.
  19. Binary sex? HOW DISGUSTING!

Dear readers these are the facts. I fully expect a Nobel prize for my tireless efforts to uncover the truth.

The NRA is a terrorist organization with blood on their hands!

And Republicans please stop sodomizing the Shih Tzus!


2 Responses

  1. LSP says:

    A SHIH TZU?!?

    Dammit, Infidel, enough is enough.

    • Manhattan Infidel says:

      It is my job as a member of the MSM to report the facts, no matter how disturbing they may be.

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