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Former President and liberal George Bush has weighed in on the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. The famous globalist liberal seemed to take a swipe at President Trump’s denials of collusion when he said there is “pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled.”

As a Republican I have lived my entire life by one principal: What can I do to help the Democratic Party? And the Democratic Party lost the election to a commoner because Russia interfered in our electoral process. Our Democracy is only as good as the people voting for the pre-approved dynastic candidate. This year that candidate was Hillary Clinton. She did not win despite the best efforts of the globalist world order. I took her defeat personally. The Clinton Dynasty and the Bush Dynasty have known each other for  years. We both come fine fine stock. Stock fit to rule the United States. Instead Trump is President. He is a nationalist. And nationalism is racism. I am not a nationalist. When I was President I tried to do what was best for George Soros, not what was best for the United States. That is why the Trump Presidency is so dangerous. He and Putin are nationalists working together. Was George Washington a nationalist? Was Thomas Jefferson a nationalist?  What about Lincoln? Woodrow Wilson, the two Roosevelts, the gay one with the mustache and the one in the wheelchair? No. They all believed in the global order and feared Russian interference in the elections. I, George Bush, liberal doing what’s best for the Democratic Party, believe this.

The former President then asked the audience  to kneel before him as he blessed those assembled.

Remember, being blessed by Clan Bush is what makes our Democracy strong. So I want everyone to go out there and fight for the core principles of the Republican party: Open borders, globalism, DREAMERS, socialism and everything else the Democratic party believes in. Do it for me. Do it for the Bush dynasty. Do it for the Clinton dynasty. Do it for our Democracy, which is only as good as the dynastic clans ruling it.  Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin believe in none of these things, which is why they colluded to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful throne. Thank you.

When Bush ended his speech the crowd at the United Arab Emirates where the speech was given gave him a rousing ovation. Many were in tears and began shouting “Long live the Bush Clan” and “Death to Jews.”

The once and future head of America then left by private helicopter. As he flew over the UAE Bush sighed. It was the sigh of compassionate conservative globalism.

“If there are open borders than me and the Clintons will make more money. Why  do commoners oppose us so? Damn that Putin! Is there no end to his diabolical plans?”



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  1. LSP says:


    Putin is head of CHAOS and SPECTRE and Trump is his spy. Mueller has proved that by indicting 13, yes, 13 Russian Bots.

    Hail Bush, Hail Hillary.

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