Gay Airport Attacked!

White homophobes strike again!

White homophobes strike again!

Just weeks after the attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, hate reared its ugly head again in Istanbul Turkey as suicide bombers struck at the gay Ataturk airport, killing 41 people.

One gay eyewitness describes a scene of panic and desolation.

I heard some explosions. Then there was gay blood and gay severed limbs everywhere. It was horrendous. As a gay man I am outraged that such hatred still exists. I feel outraged. And oppressed. And that makes me feel good about myself.

Turkish authorities say that most of the victims were probably gay and have labelled the attack as a hate crime.

“This is a hate crime” said a Turkish authority.

A hateful hate crime of hateful proportions.  Turkey, like all Muslim countries does not countenance discrimination against homosexuals. Stoning yes. Throwing off building yes. But not discrimination. We want homosexuals around the world to know that we intend to hold a candlelight vigil soon. We have also created a hashtag #nohateinIstabul. We urge people to use this hashtag to express their sympathies with gay victims around the world.

Turkish authorities have also denied that Islam had anything to do with the bombings.

Islam is the religion of peace. To say that one of our co-religionists could do this is insulting and racist. Only stupid people like Donald Trump would dare blame Islam. No. The suicide bombers were obviously homophobes. Obviously Christian. I don’t know which denomination. Lutheran maybe. They shouted “Jesus is lord” before the bombs went off so they weren’t Calvinists or they would have shouted “Jesus is lord for the predestined.”

Throughout the world gay people reacted the tragedy in Istanbul with candlelight vigils.

“I’ve always felt safe as a gay man” said one vigil goer.

But now I just don’t know. First Orlando. Now Istanbul. It’s open season on gay people. I feel oppressed. And I like feeling oppressed. It makes me want to vote for the Democrats.

From a golf course outside Washington President Obama spoke about the hate crime in Istanbul.

Obviously this is a hate crime. My thoughts go out to gay people everywhere. On the White House web site we have created a hash tag #nohateblamerepublicans. I also want to point out that if Turkey had some common sense gun control laws this hate crime could have been avoided. How long will Republicans deny us a vote on gun control legislation? How long will Republicans continue to condone hate crimes?

From the House of Representatives John Lewis of Georgia’s 5th congressional district vowed to remain seated on the floor of the House chamber until common sense gun control laws are passed.

America will no longer tolerate hatred and inaction in the face of gun crimes. Or do Republicans like to see people die?

In Rome Pope Francis, on behalf of all Christians, apologized for the bombing.

“As a Catholic I am ashamed at how we marginalize gay people by bombing them and throwing them off buildings.”



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