Tom and Jerry Open S&M Club!

Love is love!

Love is love!

Local residents Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, long known for their contentious and violent relationship, have announced the opening of an S&M themed club in their basement.

“We got the permits” said Tom.

Everything is legal. There is nothing the cops can to to stop us celebrating our love. It’s a shame that in America today there are places where people have to get permits to celebrate love. And love is love, isn’t it?

The two lovers had long been known for their unusual displays of love. Displays  that sometimes had the neighbors call the police.

“I used to hear noises all the time” said one.

Vile noises.  Screams, chainsaws, explosions. I was so concerned that something had happened that I ran over and kicked the door in.  I saw Jerry putting Tom’s tail in a waffle iron.  Tom was screaming “That hurts so good. Do it again.  Stick it in the waffle iron.”  Then Jerry dragged Tom to a window and repeatedly shut the window on his head while he inserted objects into Tom’s anus. He then stuck matches in all of Tom’s toes and lit them. I would have stepped in but Tom seemed to be enjoying himself. I mean I haven’t heard such loud moaning since I had to spend a night at a Motel 6. I was shocked by all this violence and pain.  Shocked but strangely intrigued.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the two. I was opened to new sexual experiences I never thought existed. They invited me to join them. I was frightened at first but consented.

The neighbor in question then told several other residents of their block about his experiences in Tom and Jerry’s house. While some objected, many were curious.

I started to bring more people over to their place. A threesome became a foursome became a fifthsome. Some liked the paddle, some liked insertion.  For the first time in my life I felt free sexually to express my inmost hidden desires. And I have Tom and Jerry to thank for it. Love is love! 

Indeed so many people started coming to the weekly S&M gatherings that police became concerned.

“I had just finished my shift, cruising around town, stopping female drivers and requesting oral sex in exchange for not arresting them when I got a call about a violent domestic incident” said one police officer.

I went to their address and inquired if help was needed. When I found out that all activity was consensual I left but not before requesting oral sex in exchange for not arresting them. They complied. Did they ever! I’ve never worn a cockring before. Hell I’ve never even heard of it until that night. This is a small, conservative community. Who knew sexual freedom was right under our nose?

The new S&M club, the town’s first, will be open to all residents 18 and over who can afford the 20 dollar a month fee.

“I’m excited” said Jerry.  “There’s going to be lots of role play. I already have my state trooper uniform for when I ask my slaves for oral sex in exchange for not arresting them.”


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  1. Petermc3 says:

    Barney Frank was elated to find basements across america are bringing people, and animals, together.

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