Florida Teen Girl Arrested for Having Sex with Another Florida Teen Girl; Prosecution Faces Stiff Opposition as Nation Rises In Support of Accused

We are following this case closely

We are following this case closely

An 18-year old girl in Florida has been arrested and charged with a second degree felony after authorities learned that she had a sexual relationship with her underage girlfriend.

The girls began their sexual relationship in the bathroom of the the school the two attended.  According to the complaint they allegedly had relations on a number of occasions in the bathroom stall.

Since news of her arrest broke the 18 year old has received support from around the world.  A facebook page has been created in her support with members from Australia, South Korea and the Netherlands.

The district attorney is confident of a conviction.

“We have all the evidence we need” he said.

We have been to the seen of the crime many times.   We brought the young girl with us and had her describe to us exactly what happened.  In detail.  It was necessary for the case.  We even had her reenact it with my secretary.  Again. It was necessary.  For the case.

Her attorney likewise is confident.

When I first heard about this case I was in a video booth in a bookstore.  I said to myself, “This case is about social justice” and I immediately pulled my pants up, contacted the girl and offered my services.  Professionally I mean.  Technically I cannot get within 50 feet of her because of an earlier misunderstanding with my home town vice squad but I am confident that will not hinder my defense.

Her case has drawn the attention of the Democratic party, which views the young girl’s prosecution as a hate crime, pure and simple.

Said press secretary Jay Carney:

This case is not about what one young girl did to another girl.  Nor is it about the positions they were in.  Nor is it about whether a strap-on was used and by whom.  Nor is it about the touching. Nor is it about the moans of pleasure.  Nor is it about who inserted whose finger in whose vagina.  Nor is it about whether they played with each others breasts or whether they kissed long, slow and deep.  These details are irrelevant.  No.  This case is about the Republican party’s intolerance.

In a show of support former President Bill Clinton has flown down to Florida to be with the accused.  Speaking to reporters Clinton vowed to be at the young girl’s side no matter the outcome.

This is a young girl.  An attractive, frightened young girl facing jail time. She needs the gentle and reassuring touch of an older male. I have talked to her.  I have held her in my arms. I don’t need to tell you that if she goes to jail she, as an extremely attractive young girl, will be surrounded by thousands of women.  Bored, lonely women with nothing to do but reach out to each other for companionship.  The images that this brings to mind are quite vivid.  To reassure her that there are those who love and support her I invited her and her girlfriend over to my hotel room.  They are free to stay and sleep over.

Her attorney promises to fight for her client’s acquittal.

This will be a long, hard trial with intense peaks of excitement followed by refractory periods during which I will probably sleep or watch TV.

The district attorney has given her until the end of next week to accept a plea deal that would require no jail time but the accused would have to wear an ankle-monitoring bracelet.


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  1. Is there no such thing as privacy anymore? What goes on in a girls bathroom stall should stay in the stall.
    Which stall do you live in again?

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