The Pastoral Constitution of the Democratic Party (Part Five)

Democrat Harry Reid prays for Barack ObamaPart five will be the conclusion I ran out of weed of my groundbreaking look at the Democratic Church Party.  I wish to thank my sources dealers who at great risk to themselves watch out for undercover agents provided me with documents this shit is strong.

Fostering of  Socialism and Establishment of a Community of Nations

In our generation, which has been marked by the persistent and acute hardships and anxiety resulting from the ravages of war and the threat of war, the whole human and woman and transgendered race faces a moment of supreme crisis in its advance towards socialism.

Nature of Socialism

Socialism is more than the absence of capitalism.  It cannot be reduced to a maintenance of a balance of power between the evil rich capitalists and the suffering proletariat.  It is the right ordering of things and must be actualized by man thirsting after an ever more perfect reign of socialist justice.

Socialism cannot be obtained on Earth unless people freely share and redistribute their riches.

Insofar as all men are selfish the threat of capitalism hangs over them and will continue to do so until the coming of the socialist workers’ paradise through the Democratic Party.

Curbing the Savagery of War

On the question of warfare there are various international conventions, signed by many countries,  aimed at rendering military action and its consequences less inhuman.  These agreements must be honored.  Especially if they come from the United Nations, which we owe supreme obedience and loyalty towards.

All those who enter military service in loyalty to the United States should be looked upon as fools. Probably Republicans.  For the United States is the leading cause of war in the world.  It is wrong to use military force under any circumstances.  Unless, of course, a Democrat is in the White House in which case the war will have noble ends.

Establishing Socialism

If socialism is to be established the first condition is to root out the causes of discord among men or women or transgendered:  capitalism and economic injustice.

The present solidarity of mankind calls for greater concentration of economic power and policies in the Federal Government.

The establishment of an authentic socialist order can only come about by abolishing capitalism and profit, nationalistic ambitions, greed for political domination on the part of Republicans, schemes of military strategy and intrigues for spreading and imposing capitalistic ideologies.

The Democratic Party exhorts all men or women or transgendered to beware of all solutions to our current economic distress, whether uttered in public or in private, which reek of capitalism and oppose the natural principles of the Democratic Party.


In virtue of its mission to enlighten the United States with the message of redistribution of wealth and gather together in one spirit without opposition men and women and transgendered of every race, creed or culture The Democratic Party asks for sincere dialogue with all who oppose it. (Except for racist teabaggers.)

In this way the United States will awaken to the lively hope of socialism and they will one day be admitted to the haven of surpassing peace and a socialist workers’ paradise in their homeland radiant with the glory of redistribution.

The End

And that friends, is the end of the Pastoral constitution of the Democratic party which I have brought to you in segments over the past few weeks.  Hey, Fraggle Rock is on!  That shit is awesome!



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  1. Wow! This sounds awesome. I wanna be the one who gets to determine everybody’s job and salary. I would be real fair and just, honest, you can trust me.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: That sounds totally fair to me.

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