Manhattan Infidel Presents: The Pastoral Constitution of the Democratic Party (Part One)

Democrat Harry Reid prays for Barack ObamaLast week I presented the Dogmatic Constitution of the Democratic Party.  Now through my contacts in the main steam media I present the Pastoral Constitution of the Democratic Party.  Unlike the Dogmatic Constitution which  focused on core beliefs, the Pastoral Constitution outlines how the Democrats will put their beliefs into action.  Because of the length of this remarkable document I will present it in several sections.


The joy and the hope of all socialists of our time are the joy and the hope of all followers of Holy Mother Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party Addresses all Men (and Women, and Transgendered)

Now that the Democratic Party has deeply studied the mystery of the Democratic Party it resolutely addresses all who call upon the name of socialism and it longs to set forth the way it understands the presence and function  of the Democratic Party in the United States today.

The Situation of Man (And Woman and Transgendered in the World Today) 

Ours is a new age of history with critical and swift upheavals in the socialist body.  Yet increase in power is not always accompanied by control of that power for the benefit of mankind (and womankind and transgendered kind.)  Especially when Republicans are in power.

At no time have men (and women and transgendered) had such a keen sense of freedom, only to be faced by new forms of slavery such as low taxes, denial of the science of climate change and the rapid overpopulation of the Earth.

What the tradition of the Democratic Party makes known to us is that when man (or woman, or transgendered) looks into his own heart he is drawn towards what he knows is wrong (such as low taxes and capitalism.)

It is, however, only in the Democratic Party that man (or woman, or transgendered) can turn himself towards what is good, namely higher taxes, redistribution of wealth and socialism.

Dignity of the Democratic Party

Deep within his conscience man (woman and transgendered) discovers a law which he has not laid upon himself but which he must obey.  This is the voice of the Democratic Party.  Its voice, ever calling him to love socialism and higher taxes and avoid Republicans tells him inwardly: Do this.  Pay that.  Accept this regulation.  Avoid capitalists.  His dignity lies in obeying the Democratic Party and by it he will be judged and his wealth redistributed.

For the Democratic Party knows full well that her message is in harmony with the most secret desires of the human heart.

The Democratic Party Represents the New Man (and Woman and Transgendered)

In reality it is only in the mystery of the Democratic Party that the mystery of man becomes clear.   Human nature, by the very fact that it was assumed, not absorbed by the Democratic Party has been raised to a high tax-paying socialist dignity beyond compare.

All this holds true not for Democrats only but for all men (and woman, and transgendered) of good will in whose hearts socialism  is active invisibly.  And since everyone is called to follow and obey the Democratic Party, which is divine, we must hold that socialism offers to all the possibility of being made partners, in a way known only to elected Democrats, in the socialist workers’ paradise.

[End of Part One]



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  1. Oh, yeah. This is the religion designed to keep blacks, Hispanics and most whites poor for their own good. this is the fastest growing religion in America today. Oh the joy of soaking the rich so we have no jobs and can remain happily poor. I think there is a new name for this religion; Oba-ismo.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: Valid points the MSM will never mention.

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