Questions Surround Snow White

Can we watch honey?The scandal surrounding popular princess Snow White continues to grow every day.  Among the questions being asked:

  1. Why does she live with seven men?
  2. Have any of these relationships, in contravention of custom and morality, been consummated?
  3. Is  she a racist?
  4. Is she homophobic?
  5. Does she deny feminist truth?

As for the why she lives with seven men there are concerns that this underage girl is being used by the men for their own prurient desires.  When questioned by a reporter about this one of the men she lives with, who goes by the name “Doc” said:

The princess?  Um.  She sleeps in our bed.  Where do we sleep?  We sleep in the um….um.  Well sometimes we sleep in the bed with her.  For her protection mind you.  We all love her like a daughter.  A daughter with milky-white skin, firm breasts, shapely thighs.  I mean leave me alone.  We absolutely do not watch this young girl…all the time.  Breathlessly.

A further cause for concern:  Doc’s real name is Gordon Hewitt and he is a registered sex offender not allowed within a quarter mile of any middle school.

Miss White’s living arrangement has also disrupted the moral fabric of the community.  According to one investigator:

All I can think about is her being watched by older man and liking it.  It’s driving me crazy.  I left my wife because of this. She no longer can satisfy me.

Many question Snow White’s commitment to racial equality.  A local resident tells this story:

She was walking through the woods and I heard her singing.  The song went like this:

“Some day my prince will come/I just hope he’s not Dominican.”

I mean.  This is a tolerant, inclusive community.  We have no room for racism.

Snow White also sent out this controversial Tweet to her followers:

Mirror mirror on the wall.  Why is the racial makeup of my neighborhood changing?  Maybe I’ll just move to Rockland County like my cousins.

White apparently has issues with homosexuals and makes frequent mention of a “mean old queen” she had to run away from.

Miss White seems to live a degrading lifestyle for modern woman.  An editorial in Ms. Magazine states:

White spends most of her time taking care of these men and doing menial degrading tasks such as cooking, cleaning and keeping house for these men while they dance, drink and make merry.  White is not someone that the modern, emancipated and enlightened career woman should seek to emulate.  We can only hope that she comes to her senses, or failing that, is shunned by future generations.

Miss White has not responded to any requests to be interviewed for this article.


5 Responses

  1. Snow White’s living arrangement is strange, and she might have some bigotted tendencies.

    But at least she’s not a character in “Song of The South”.

  2. The Jungers says:

    Hey that woman’s got it figured out, making pies and sandwiches while fetching me beers. Screw political correctness bitch get me a sandwich and get back to work.

  3. You really have a warped mind. I love it!

  4. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: I believe that was her favorite movie.

    TJ: Mmm…..sandwich.

    Jim: At last, someone who understands my work!

  5. MK says:

    “Is she homophobic?”

    I think it’s safe to say that’s not true, seeing as how she turned up to a house with 7 fellows living together.

    “We can only hope that she comes to her senses…” and kills her unborn, i mean isn’t that what all modern free women aspire to these days, killing off their unborn daughters.

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