Tuscon Autopsies Reveal Climate of Hate

Congresswoman Giffords, injured by right-wing bulletsAutopsies have been completed on those who died in the January shooting in Tuscon that injured Representative Gabrielle Giffords.   The results show a stunning climate of hate.

Writes the deputy medical examiner for Pina County:

A gunshot entrance wound is at the left lower back, 24 inches from the top of the head and three inches left of midline.  Clearly this was an angry bullet.  Sarah Palin has blood on her hands.

Another victim had gunshot wounds to the “head and left buttocks.

It wasn’t enough for the right-wing media and their climate of hate to shoot this woman in the head, depriving America of female (and by extension non-male) thinking, but the bullets tore through her buttocks, violating the woman’s personal space. This bullet did not respect women. This bullet was a rapist.

The youngest victim was nine-year old Christina-Taylor Green who died from a single “hate-filled, angry white bullet” that tore through her aorta, stomach, small intestine and right kidney.

“Ironic” writes the medical examiner.  “I would have thought this bullet would have entered her left kidney, the socialist kidney.”

All the deaths have one thing in common.

“The manner of death” the medical examiner said again and again “is certified as homicide caused by hate-filled bullet rhetoric.”

Congress has acted strongly to this fresh evidence of a climate of hate infecting America.

Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has introduced the “peace-loving bullet” bill as it  has become known.  Under provisions of the bill, all bullets before entering a human body will first ascertain the victim’s party affiliation.  If the victim is a Democrat the bullet, equipped with special guidance software will divert from the intended human target and harmlessly hit the nearest wall, street or tea party activist.

If the victim is a Republican the bullet will be directed towards the head to disable the source of hate.

Representative Weiner called his bill “necessary and proper to bring peace back to our ravaged, torn country.”

Manufacturers of bullets oppose the bill, saying it is an unnecessary expense that will drive up costs, putting many of them out of business.

“I would expect them to say that” said Weiner.  “They probably all watch Fox news anyway.”


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  1. The Jungers says:

    I devised a new bullet last night called the seeker. After being fired it seeks out and destroys an nearby liberals up to a 1000 yards, highly effective.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    TJ: You’ve invented a mighty weapon!

  3. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: I pride myself on my Weiner references.

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