Al Queda in Yemen Branches Out

Al Queda in Yemen is the new face of Prime Time criminal procedural dramaSupergroup Al Queda in Yemen is branching out.  It has been announced that a development deal has been signed with Al Queda in Yemen leaders that will give the brand name extensive new face time in America.

“Prime time baby.   That’s what it’s all about” said a television executive for the CW network.  “Our research showed that kids were ripe for an exotic adventure series.  Al Queda in Yemen had everything we were looking for.  Adventure.  Exotic locales.  Big guns.  Men with beards.  MILFs”

Under the terms of the deal announced today, Al Queda in Yemen will lend their name to a new series set in Miami called Al Queda: Miami.

“The show will revolve around  a couple of jihadists who also use their scientific bomb-making skills to solve crimes.  Or, the show will revolve around a couple of scientific crime solvers who happen to be jihadists.  We haven’t decided yet.   But they definitely will not be jihadists who happen to be vampires.  The vampire craze is so 2009.”

Originally it was planned to have the underwear bomber himself,  Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab star in the series.

“Why not? He’s young. He’s sexy and he’s black. Unfortunately he burned his balls off and we discovered that our focus group of coeds found charred testicles fused with pieces of underwear about as appealing as date night with Charlie Sheen.

So instead Kanye West has been inked to play the lead jihadist/crime solver or crime solver/jihadist.  Jim Belushi will play the second in command and comic relief while, in a bit of irony, Taylor Swift will play the sexy, independent, feminist jihadist/crime solver or sexy, independent, feminist crime solver/jihadist.

If Al Queda: Miama debuts to strong ratings, plans are afoot to expand the franchise.  Al Queda: New York, Al Queda: L.A. and Al Queda: Mt. Holly, New Jersey are among potential shows.

As for the theme music, do not expect to hear The Who.

“While we respect The Who and their place in Rock and Roll, they are old.  So we are negotiating with Lady Gaga to see if maybe she can write an original song for the theme.  If we can’t get Lady Gaga maybe Milli Vanilli.  Or just Vanilli.  Whichever one is still alive.”

Al Queda: Miami will debut next fall as part of CW’s  crime solver/jihadist and vampire  or jihadist/crime solver and vampire lineup.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, but who’s going to play the lead goat?

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    The lead goat will be played by Joy Behar of course.

  3. KingShamus says:

    Whoa, that last comment was ridiculously unfair.

    Goats have way more personality and class than Joy Behar.

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