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Shutdown Over; Freedom Averted!

Editor’s Note:  This is a fast-moving story and may change before this post is published.  The worldwide headquarters of Manhattan Infidel will stay on top of this story and report further updates.  Unless I can find a hooker.  If  I can find a hooker then the hell with the story. News came from behind the […]

Post Five: Feds Still Shut Down. Surrender Is In The Air

Two weeks into the apocalypse and things are changing quickly.  No running water (the Feds own the water).  No hamburgers (the Feds own the cows). No electricity (the Feds own the electric grid).  The Feds own everything (for our benefit). With the federal government shut down the remnants of humanity with me behind the barricades […]

Post Number Four on a World Without Hope

Manhattan.  Shit I’m still in Manhattan. I’m here now.  Waiting for the Federal government to give me a mission.  Every minute I stay in my apartment I get weaker and the government shutdown gets stronger. I’m afraid.  I’m afraid that soon the Federal government shutdown will be permanent.  And if that happens, well, then I’ll […]

Post Three on Life After the Government Shutdown

Water is life.  But water is scarce nowadays.  I went down to the river but the riverbank had been closed off by barricades.  The Federal government owns the water. I tried to get past the barricades but a park ranger told me to move along.  Like all good Americans I owe my allegiance to the […]

Post Number Two About the Unprecedented Never Happened Before Government Shutdown

The world has changed.  I feel it in the water.  I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost.  In the land of Washington D.C., in the fires of the Oval Office the dark lord Obama forged a government shutdown.  Into the shutdown he poured his […]

Shutdown Post Number One

With the shutdown of the Federal government entering its second week and the survival of our nation, our culture, indeed our very way of life in jeopardy I have decided to devote the pages of this humble blog to the subtle and not so subtle changes in America until the resolution of this unprecedented crisis. […]