My Exclusive Interview with George Papadopoulos

This man is a clear and present danger to our Republic







As a typical American who gets his news from the mainstream media I have been following the treason trials of those associated with Donald Trump’s collusion. One of the figures involved in trying to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton is George Papadopoulos.  Papadopoulos has recently been released from a quite justified prison sentence for his crimes. He has agreed to sit down for his first interview post-prison with me.

MI: Good afternoon Pappy.

GP: Um. No one calls me that.

MI:What’s it like to be out of prison?

GPIt feels good. Prison changes a man you know.

MI: I bet.  Did you stab anyone in the exercise yard?

GP: Um. No.

MI: Did you stab anyone in the mess hall?

GP: No.

MI: Did you stab anyone in the shower?

GP: No. I didn’t stab anyone.

MI: Oh. Then you were held in solitary confinement? In a box? When they took you out you were temporarily blind from not having seen daylight in months?

GP: That never happened.  But back to what I was saying prison does change a man.

MI: You are now a hardened criminal with tattoos and gang connections and you will now continue a life of crime possibly culminating with taking over an international criminal organization like a cartel. You are now totally ruthless and cruel and will order people to their deaths.

GP: No!

MI: Well how did prison change you then?

GP: I put on a lot of weight.

MI:  What? That’s all?

GP: Yeah. I had nothing to do for 12 days – I was sentenced to 14 days but released two days early – I had nothing to do for 12 days but eat three meals a day.

MI: Did you at least steal one of the utensils and fashion a makeshift weapon out of it?

GP: No.

MI: Did you try to break out of prison by using a spoon to scrape a hole in the wall and covering it up with a poster of Rita Hayworth?

GP: Jesus Christ no!  I was only in prison 12 days. Twelve days because of a phony process crime from a phony investigation by a phony deep state so-called prosecutor.

MI: You’re not a hardened criminal?

GP: That’s what I’ve been telling you. I’m a victim of a political witch hunt.  Mueller and the deep state are the criminals.

MI: Would you like to be a hardened criminal?

GP: No.

MI: Too bad. I always thought it would be cool to interview one. Here. Take this gun. Don’t worry it can’t be traced. I filed down the serial number. I got it from Eric Holder as part of Operation Fast and Furious. Now go shoot someone. Or stab someone. Or order someone shot and then stabbed. Or stabbed and then shot.

GP: I don’t want to shoot or stab anyone. I just want to get on with my life.

MI: If they send bloodhounds after you just use some pepper on the ground to confuse them. I saw that in Cool Hand Luke.

GP: No one’s sending any bloodhounds after me. Jesus you are an idiot. I’m out of here.

[Papadopoulos leave]

MI: How rude. I guess I should expect such rudeness from a felon and hardened criminal.

And so ended my interview with the convicted felon and hardened career criminal. You know I don’t care what he said. I didn’t like the look in his eyes. He was definitely going to shoot or stab someone. Or shoot and stab someone. You know. Once a criminal always a criminal.



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