Manhattan Infidel Reviews “A Higher Loyalty” by the Secular Saint James Comey

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Having two days off from work Manhattan Infidel did what he normally does on days off: I went over to my window, opened it and shouted “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  I kept yelling that until neighbors called the police. Then I read a book by the Secular Saint James Comey.

I found the book to be an engaging memoir by a badly misunderstood, simple, honest public servant battling forces of darkness around him.  I shall now quote a few relevant passages.

“I could not get a date to the senior prom. I asked [name redacted] to go with me but she called me a “ugly tall freak.” That made me cry.  I then asked [name redacted] to the prom. But she had a penis which she insisted on showing me. I couldn’t go with her to the prom after that. It was bigger than mine. I tell you it’s not easy having such high personal morals.”

Page 17

“College was tough. I was taller than everybody else and didn’t fit in. The other students made fun of me. I asked out [name redacted] but she said I reminded her of Stan Laurel with my huge wiggly ears. This made me cry. I didn’t let anyone see my cry but I would cry a lot behind closed doors. I learned early on how mean people can be.

Page 33

“I finally landed that job interview at the FBI. Things got off to an awkward start when I bumped my head on the low ceiling of the Director’s office. I hate being so tall. People are always making fun of my height. Still the secretary was cute and I asked her out. She said she’d love to and asked me if I liked girls with penises. She then showed my hers which was larger than mine. I started crying. I cried all the way home.”

Page 53

“Doing field work for the FBI occasionally means chasing suspects. I was chasing one who ducked into an alley. I ran in but hit my head on the fire escape dangling from a second floor window. God I hate being so tall and awkward. It must have knocked me out because I awoke in the hospital with the Director standing over me. He didn’t show me his penis but I bet it’s bigger than mine. I felt like crying.”

Page 74

“Loretta Lynch is black. Being a trained FBI agent It’s my job to notice details like this. Other people might not notice but I do. That’s why I’m the Director and they aren’t. I haven’t seen her penis but since she’s black I assume it’s huge. Like an oak tree or Hillary Clinton’s arteries.”

Page 151

“President Trump!  President Trump!  President Trump!  It’s always Trump, Trump, Trump!  No one ever pays any attention to me. Sometimes I wish he would be impeached so people would look at me! I have to talk to [James} Clapper and [John} Brennan to see if we can do that. Trump makes me cry. He called me tall and it hurt me inside. Every day I go home and cry. He’s a bully! He hasn’t shown me his penis but it’s just a matter of time.”

Page 204

Yes. This is a fascinating and honest read by one of the most respected straight shooters in Washington. I recommend the book to everybody.



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  1. LSP says:

    Infidel, I’m pretty upset. I didn’t know that James Comey was a cry baby shemale, but now I do.

    Thanks a lot.

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