*** Breaking News *** Building Brought Down by Controlled Explosion

Proof that Bush and Cheney brought down the Twin TowersGood afternoon I’m Contessa Brewer with MSNBC.   We start today with breaking news.  A building has apparently been brought down by some sort of controlled explosion.  We send you live to the scene where we will speak to the man who claims responsibility.

Contessa Brewer:  Good evening sir. Are you responsible for this so-called act of terrorism?

Man:  Um.  Yeah.  I run a demolition company.

Contessa Brewer:   Why did you bring this building down? Are you working for Haliburton?  Do you know Dick Cheney?  Are you a Jew?

Man:  What?  No.  I run a demolition firm.  This is what I do.  

Contessa Brewer:  How did you bring this building down?

Man:  Well, we start out by wiring explosives at key sections – 

Contessa Brewer:  So you admit that this was a controlled explosion?

Man:  Jesus Christ lady.  That’s what I do.  I was paid by the city to bring down the building.

Contessa Brewer:  So you admit you are a capitalist pig. How far up does this conspiracy go? Were you responsible for bringing down the World Trade Center with a similar controlled explosion?

Man:  Can I go now?

Contessa Brewer:  Yes.  Get out of my sight you war-mongerer.  If you are just joining me we now have definitive proof that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Haliburton and the Jews brought down the World Trade Center with a controlled explosion.  Why?  To increase their profits and to get us into a war for oil.  With me is senior MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd.

Chuck Todd:  Good afternoon Contessa.

Contessa Brewer:  Chuck let me ask you this.  When you saw this building go down what were you thinking?

Chuck Todd:  I though to myself “That’s what the Twin Towers looked like when they went down.”  Obviously I don’t want to speculate but this is the proof we are looking for that Bush brought down the World Trade Center.

Contessa Brewer: What’s the next step?

Chuck Todd:  Obviously I think it’s time to revoke the Constitution.  Bush/Cheney used the Constitution, which I remind your viewers is not legally binding on anyone, as an excuse for their war for oil.  Our current leader’s agenda is too important for that scrap of paper to stand in the way.  According to the Constitution we have to have an election for President in 2012.   Are we going to let our Dear Leader’s agenda fall victim to the chances of electoral politics?

Contessa Brewer:   I couldn’t agree with you more.  With us now is Chris Matthews who has just come from the White House.  Chris, what did Barack Obama say?  Any message to the American people.

Chris Matthews:   Contessa, let me say that the President feels vindicated by today’s events.  He suspected all along that 9/11 was a controlled explosion and that Bush, Cheney and the Jews were responsible.

Contessa Brewer:  We are lucky to have this man as our leader.

Chris Matthews:  Indeed Contessa.  The entire time I talked to him I was impressed by his intelligence and command of the issues.  Why I even forgot he was a black man!  I – whoops.  My leg.  It always tingles like this when I think of him.

Contessa Brewer:  I tingle as well.  I tingle for all Americans.   Thank you Chris.  That ends our coverage of today’s dramatic events but I want to remind our viewers that we will be back at 9 PM with an hour long special entitled, “9/11:  Bush, Cheney and the Jews.  Let’s bring them to justice!”  We now return you to our regularly scheduled prison programming.


5 Responses

  1. When in doubt, liberals blame teh jooooooooos.

    It must be nice to be so brainless.

  2. Jeez! And all this time I thought it was just another conspiracy theory. Amazing!

  3. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Shamus: It is nice to be in that condition. Comfy, warm, and taken care of by our Dear Leader.

    Jim: No theory. Fact! The Joooooooooooooos brought the twin towers down.

  4. MK says:

    Someone ought to ask democrat leaders every now and then if they definitely don’t believe that Bush, Cheney etc didn’t do it themselves. Just so we know for sure and so their slavish followers get the message too.

  5. Matt says:

    Question nothing… believe the MSM…the MSM is your friend…


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