Businesses Cash in on Obama Name

Doesn’t go down to well.  Kinda greasy.  Gave me gas.Though the economy is in a free-fall and unemployment hovers around double digits, President Obama still has his supporters.  In fact, many businesses are attempting to cash in on the Obama name.

Chief among these is the newly-minted “Obama Fried Chicken” store in Harlem.   The owner said the name change was to show respect to “our first black president.  He’s just like me.  Only I don’t have a white mother. Or grew up in Indonesia.  Or was raised in Hawaii by my white grandparents.”

The owner of the store admits that business has slumped due to the faltering economy. “But my people still love Obama.  Now they come in to eat his chicken.”

Customers have given the new Obama Fried Chicken substandard reviews.

“It didn’t go down to well.  Was kinda undercooked” said one.

“Very greasy.  Slimy.  Gave me gas” said another.

“Hard to digest.  Just lies there. I’m very disappointed” said a third.

Still, customers are flocking to Obama Fried Chicken to express support for their embattled president.

“We are very proud of him.  He represents us.  He is just like us.  Well, except for the white mother and the African father.”

Obama Fried Chicken is not alone.   The Obama Removal and Cleaning Firm has opened around the corner.  Explains the owner:

There are lots of dogs in the neighborhood doing their business.  Plus with the horses for the tourists a lot of that stuff builds up in the street.  People are tired of stepping in it.  That’s when I got the idea to use Obama’s name.

He even has a catchy new slogan for his business:

Tired of stepping in Obama?  Let us clean it up!

These two businesses represent just the first wave of people cashing in on the popular president.  City Hall has granted licenses to the Obama Pest Removal Company, “Tired of Obama buzzing about you?  Let us fumigate it” and the Obama Wallet Making Firm, “Open up your wallet to Obama!”

When asked what he would do if Obama loses in 2012, the owner of Obama Fried Chicken said, “Not to worry.  I’ll name my store after whomever wins.  As long as it isn’t Herman Cain.  I have nothing in common with him.  He’s not even a real black man.”



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  1. innominatus says:

    My toddler grandkid picked a piece of Obama out of the grass with her bare hand. Yuck. Hopefully these guys start a franchise out here in Orygun.

  2. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Inn: Yes, be careful you don’t step in it.

    Shamus: I’m still waiting for him to take care of my mortgage.

  3. Hey! Some of those are good ideas. I wonder if they would work down here using the name of Chavez? On second thought, I think I might not like the inside of a Venezuelan prison.

  4. Manhattan Infidel says:

    Jim: I wouldn’t want to see the inside of ANY prison. Unless is was a woman’s prison. And the inmates all looked like the ones in the movies I like to watch. And I was the randy prison guard.

  5. eots says:

    That reminds me of an old Soviet joke. In Russian “to join the party” is literally “to step into the Party”. So the joke:

    “Rabinovich, did you step into the Party?”
    “I beg your pardon? What did I step into?”

  6. MK says:

    I like the stepping in obama one, pretty much sums up his presidency.

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