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Since starting my blog I have been asked many questions by people and I will try to answer them all now.

1.  S.J. of Manhattan, New York, writes “Is it easy to start a blog and why is my cat coming at me with a knife?”

Excellent question S.J.  The answer is yes it is easy to start a blog.  As for your cat she sounds possessed.  A few latin incantations should help you.  If not, I suggest changing your TV to The Animal Channel .  Cats love the animal channel.

2.  E.K. of Queens writes “I am curious about blogging.  I am also curious about being probed by aliens.  Can I start a blog about alien probing?”

Well, E.K., there are already several excellent blogs about alien probing so you might have competition.  As for your  “curiousity” I suggest you find another hobby such as baseball or screaming obscenities at the hosts of “The View”.

3. “Anonymous” of Mt. Holly NJ writes “Recently while in Davos I was photographed in compromising positions with several world leaders.  But that’s not my problem. What should I do about my blog?  Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing.”

Good question.   A blog takes dedication.  Keep writing. You must sit down every day and write.  You will probably not be satisfied with  your efforts and when you are finished you will cry.  In  other words, blogging is like sex.

4.  A.R. of Miami writes “Thanks for the steroids.”

While technically not a blog question I appreciate the shout out.

5.  B.O. of Washington DC writes “I recently took a new job and do not have much time to blog.  Can I use a ghost blogger?”

This is a controversial topic but I personally find nothing wrong about using ghosts to write your blog.  I suggest Patrick Swayze or Casper.

That’s all I have for now but keep sending in your questions and I will respond to them when not relaxing in my sensory deprivation chamber.


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  1. Short Uggs says:

    Incredibly cool! I assistance your view!

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