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Lincoln Chafee Sworn in as President!

And now I present part three (that’s 1,360.78 grams) of my series on 2016 presidential candidates and their inaugural addresses.  Today it’s former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee’s turn. My fellow Americans.  I stand before you today proud to be the 45th President of the United States.  I stand before you, all 6 feet and 185 […]

Someone Claiming to be George Pataki Sworn in as President

And so today I present part two of my series “2017 Inaugural Addresses” in which imagine what each candidate for president might say at their swearing in.  Today it is George Pataki’s turn.  George Pataki. Yes.  Pataki.  Who?  He used to be governor of New York State. Yes.  Three terms.  No  he’s a real person and yes […]

Bernie Sanders Sworn in as President

Today at Manhattan Infidel I’d like to inaugurate a new feature entitled “2017 Inaugural Addresses” where I give each candidate for President a chance to give his or her speech after reciting the oath of office.  Today it’s Bernie Sanders turn.  Or as I like to call it, “America you’ve gone full socialist.  Never go […]