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A Word From Bob Costas Regarding the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

With the momentum building to rename all sports teams whose nicknames might be deemed offensive I once again turn the pages of Manhattan Infidel over to legendary sportscaster Bob Costas.  Take it away Bob. Thank you Manhattan Infidel.  I am eternally grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to address your millions of readers. […]

A Word From Bob Costas Regarding the Washington Redskins

For years now certain segments of our population have wanted to change the name of the Washington Redskins, citing insensitivity and racism as their reasons. Noted broacaster Bob Costas has asked if he could use the pages of my blog to weigh in on the issue and I’m am happy to oblige.  Take it away […]

Bob Costas Says…..Fire Bad!

  And now as part of my continuing series of posts dedicated to the wit and wisdom of Bob Costas I know present Mr. Costas talking about fire. Thank you Manhattan Infidel and thank you for giving me the chance to address your readers.  For I think it is important to reach out to the […]

Bob Costas Says……

  Here at Manhattan Infidel I am always looking for a way to have physical contact with Olivia Wilde.  I mean just let me touch you. I just want to touch you! new things to write about. With that in mind I am proud to launch a new feature I call “Bob Costas says” which […]